Introducing Firefight & Skirmish

General Update

Hey again,

In our last two updates we focused on our large-battle games, so now it’s time to focus on our smaller skirmish games. Because both games run on essentially the same engine we are just going to make one post discussing what has changed in both of them.


What has changed?

As we already discussed in our last two posts the biggest change is the move from just having Quality to having Quality & Defense. We won’t bore you with the details again, but in case you missed our post talking about it you can go and check it out here.

Moving on there were two major things that we wanted to address in our skirmish games: hero abilities and morale tests.

In our old editions heroes had abilities that affected all friendly units within 3″, which led to a lot of confusion. It was unclear for example if you got a buff as you started activating within that zone, or if you got it as you moved into that zone. There were also a couple of instances where abilities didn’t really make sense following these restrictions.

In order to address that you now pick one unit within 3″ when the hero is activated, and the ability affects that unit until the end of the round. This way it’s easier to track which unit is affected by what, and you should be able to use your heroes more effectively.

The other thing that didn’t work as well as we wanted it to were morale tests and army routing. A lot of times it was unclear what happened when a special rule required you to take a morale test, and it felt very unfair that your entire army would rout based on a single failed roll.

In order to address this we now specify what happens when you fail a morale test in the morale section (unit gets -1 in melee and must spend it’s next activation idle). The rout test also works a little differently now: each model takes a morale test, and models rout individually. This way you don’t see entire armies fleeing at once, but single models running away as morale crumbles.

Other changes

Apart from those two things we also have a lot of smaller changes here and there, which you can see on this list:

  • The hero limit has changed to 1 hero for every 450pts.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • In units with multiple models they all have to be within 3″ of each other.
  • Heroes now allow friendly units within 6″ to re-roll results of 1 on rout tests.
  • All units are considered to be Infantry regardless of their model.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.

Campaign play

One of the coolest things about our skirmish games was that they each came with campaign rules to play interconnected missions with an epic narrative. Unfortunately we still haven’t had the time to re-work those for the new edition, so they are gone for now.

But don’t worry, as soon as we have time we will re-introduce campaigns into the game so that everyone can experience the madness! :)

That’s it… for now

With this post we have covered the main changes for our core games. Next time we will talk about our newest game Double Tap and what awaits us in the future…