Machine Cult, Beastmen, new units and more…

Game Update

Hey here,

Do you want to play a new army? How about two new armies? And what about some new units? Or even game fixes?

Boy do we have something for you!

Today we are releasing our latest two armies, the crazy Machine Cult and the scary Beastmen. These were some of our most requested armies so we are really happy to bring them back to the fray.

The Machine Cult is a strange faction of misguided humans that treat machines as holy and believe they can harness their spirit with pagan rituals. Their ranks consist mainly of human-machine hybrids and fanatics.

Beastmen are half-man / half-animal creatures that are the result of ancient wizardry, and their mission is to destroy advanced civilizations so that nature can take over the land again. Their ranks are made up of mostly light/medium infantry that can be deployed via ambush.

We have also updated a ton of miscellaneous stuff and added a couple of new units, so check it out:

– Re-worded the Psychic/Wizard special rule to make it clear when they can cast

Age of Fantasy and AoF:Regiments
– Units get AP(+2) when attacking Artillery in melee

GF: Firefight and AoF: Skirmish
– Changed the wording of the morale section to avoid confusion

Battle Brothers
– Fixed upgrade lists available to biker units

Havoc Brothers
– Removed the Repair special rule as no unit has it
– Crab Walker now has Regeneration

Robot Legions
– New unit was added: Nanobot Wraith-Shard
– Clarified that the Technomancer has Regeneration
– Fixed the letter for upgrade list I

TAO Coalition
– All drones are part of a single list now, their prices were updated and the amount of drones each squad can take has been lowered

Orc Marauders
– Warlord now has 1 extra melee attack
– Updated point costs of upgrade lists A and E

– Runemasters now have an option for rune tattoos to be in line with the fluff
– Iron Warriors now have the Shieldwall special rule
– New units added: Beast Riders, War-Bear Riders
– Dwarf lord now has the option to mount a War Bear

Vampiric Undead
– Fixed a typo for the Vampire Steed

Chivalrous Kingdoms & Humans
– Changed the wording on the Wildform spell to clarify it applies to melee

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,