Eternal Wardens & Havoc Brother Disciples

Game Update

Hello everybody,

Seeing how last update came out late I thought I’d try and balance things out by releasing this update early. With this update we are releasing a new army for Age of Fantasy, and we have split up the Havoc Brothers army for Grimdark Future in order to give you more units and options.

Eternal Wardens are massive elite warriors clad in powerful armor spawned by the comet god to hold back the rift daemon’s invasion. Their units are strong and durable making for a great beginner’s army.

Havoc Brother Disciples are 4 small armies, each devoted to a specific havoc god. They all come with unique units as well as allowing you to upgrade your regular havoc brothers to fit in with the havoc god’s theme.

Because of this update we have changed up the Havoc Brothers too:

– removed havoc god specific units and upgrades
– upgrade list A was modified to give you more flexibility
– bikers not have access to upgrade list A
– new units were added: possessed brothers, havoc support

Additionally we have also updated some other stuff:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brother Detachments (Firefight)
– clarified that dark resolve helps against routing

Orc Marauders
– updated the point cost of the blitz bomber

Age of Fantasy

General (Regiments)
– clarified that furious only applies to models in the two front rows

– fixed an error on the griffon/dragon defense value

Ogres (Skirmish)
– fixed point costs for most upgrade lists

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


Battle Brother Detachments, Ogres and a Double Tap update

Game Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late update but I’ve been extremely busy these days, and actually I am really busy right now too so let’s get straight to the update! :D

Double Tap

I’ve been looking at people’s feedback and decided that the game needs to have a lot more detailed explanations. In order to fit them in I’ve decided to split up the rules and give the unit building section its own page. With this new added space I’ll be looking into adding advanced rules to the game sometime in the future, but for now here’s what’s been updated:

  • The mission has changed, now it’s objective based.
  • When failing a morale test in melee units are stunned now.
  • Clarified that actions and reactions are simultaneous.
  • Clarified that units in melee can only react to units in base contact.
  • Modified unit creation a little.

For GF and AoS we’ve got 2 new armies:

Battle Brother Detachments are sub-factions of Battle Brothers and can be used to change up their combat style with new units and special rules.

Ogres are large and monstrous humanoids that have been pillaging Tyria since forever. Their armies are small but extremely durable.

There’s also a couple of other updates:

Alien Hives (Firefight)
– fixed the cost of soul-snatchers

Soul-Snatchers (Firefight)
– fixed the unit size of elite snatchers

TAO Coalition
– clarified that spotting lasers need LoS
– battlesuits can now wield energy swords

Forces of Havoc
– clarified what wings do in upgrade list D

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


2 New Armies, Ad-Free Website & Forum and more…

Game Update

Hi everyone,

We just finished off our first month on Patreon and managed to hit our first goal, so thanks to the awesome support of our lovely community we have a completely ad-free website as well as forums. On top of that we also got a custom domain, so you can now visit:

According to wordpress the full change will bein effect within 72 hours, so please excuse any link issues that might come up.

Onto the update…

We are releasing two new armies again, as well as bringing some smaller updates. There were some people requesting these ones so I’m happy to deliver more ways to play for them. :)

Dark Elf Raiders are evil elves that live off of piracy and slave trade, looking for revenge against their High Elf brethren. Their playstyle is very fast and they sport some of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Mummified Undead are the deserty counterpart to the Vampiric Undead, bringing skeletons and animated constructs to the table. They can be played both as a horde force with large blocks of warriors, or as a small elite force with monsters and guardian statues.

Battle Brothers
– artillery cannon now has the slow rule
– change up upgrade list A to allow for Storm Rifle + CCW combinations
– modified upgrade lists for bikers so that they can now have access to list A

High Elf Fleets
– support artillery now has the slow rule

Orc Marauders
– goblin artillery now has the slow rule
– changed up power armor orcs equipment and upgrades a little

Robot Legions
– support platform now has the slow rule

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,




Battle Sisters & Dark Elves are ready for action!

Game Update

Hi everyone,

Today we are bringing back two awesomely aggressive armies, the Battle Sisters and the Dark Elves. There have been many new miniature makers that have released female warrior models in the past few years, and we are excited to see what kind of models people will be bringing to the table.

A quick overview of the factions:

Battle Sisters are the all-female answer to the god-king’s battle brothers. They don’t take crap from anybody and are ready to conquer the Sirius sector with their fiery weapons.

Dark Elves are a splinter-group of the elves that lives from piracy and torture. Their army has highly offensive units with a low defense value, so their playstyle is quick and dirty.

We also have some other updates, which you can see here:

– Clarified that units without melee weapons have 1 attack per model

Battle Brothers
– Added new unit: Artillery Cannon
– Fixed typos in a few upgrade lists

Havoc Brothers
– Re-worked the Mutated Destroyers weapon options to allow for more variety

TAO Coalition
– Added a Plasma Rifle to upgrade list A

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,