Battle Sisters & Dark Elves are ready for action!

Game Update

Hi everyone,

Today we are bringing back two awesomely aggressive armies, the Battle Sisters and the Dark Elves. There have been many new miniature makers that have released female warrior models in the past few years, and we are excited to see what kind of models people will be bringing to the table.

A quick overview of the factions:

Battle Sisters are the all-female answer to the god-king’s battle brothers. They don’t take crap from anybody and are ready to conquer the Sirius sector with their fiery weapons.

Dark Elves are a splinter-group of the elves that lives from piracy and torture. Their army has highly offensive units with a low defense value, so their playstyle is quick and dirty.

We also have some other updates, which you can see here:

– Clarified that units without melee weapons have 1 attack per model

Battle Brothers
– Added new unit: Artillery Cannon
– Fixed typos in a few upgrade lists

Havoc Brothers
– Re-worked the Mutated Destroyers weapon options to allow for more variety

TAO Coalition
– Added a Plasma Rifle to upgrade list A

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,