Eternal Wardens & Havoc Brother Disciples

Game Update

Hello everybody,

Seeing how last update came out late I thought I’d try and balance things out by releasing this update early. With this update we are releasing a new army for Age of Fantasy, and we have split up the Havoc Brothers army for Grimdark Future in order to give you more units and options.

Eternal Wardens are massive elite warriors clad in powerful armor spawned by the comet god to hold back the rift daemon’s invasion. Their units are strong and durable making for a great beginner’s army.

Havoc Brother Disciples are 4 small armies, each devoted to a specific havoc god. They all come with unique units as well as allowing you to upgrade your regular havoc brothers to fit in with the havoc god’s theme.

Because of this update we have changed up the Havoc Brothers too:

– removed havoc god specific units and upgrades
– upgrade list A was modified to give you more flexibility
– bikers not have access to upgrade list A
– new units were added: possessed brothers, havoc support

Additionally we have also updated some other stuff:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brother Detachments (Firefight)
– clarified that dark resolve helps against routing

Orc Marauders
– updated the point cost of the blitz bomber

Age of Fantasy

General (Regiments)
– clarified that furious only applies to models in the two front rows

– fixed an error on the griffon/dragon defense value

Ogres (Skirmish)
– fixed point costs for most upgrade lists

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,