Titan Lords fall from the skies & Rift Daemons rise from the abyss

Game Update

Hello hello,

Today I am very excited to be bringing you 2 new armies from Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy, both of which are very unique:

The Titan Lords are interesting because all of their units are titans which pack some incredibly heavy weapons. They can either be taken as a stand alone army or as extra units for your existing army.

The Rift Daemons are a great addition because they are are integral part of the Age of Fantasy lore, so it’s great to be able to field this existential threat on the battlefield.

We’ve also updated some small things:

Age of Fantasy

– Sergeants now have +1 to melee or shooting rolls (pick one)

Wood Elves
– Fixed unicorns having the flying rule

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,