2nd Edition Army Release Survey

Game Update

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we made an update for those that aren’t Patreon backers, but we’ve been waiting to have a substantial part of the games done before saying anything.

Updates Updates Updates

The last update was around 4 months ago and the project has moved forward by a ton, so here is what’s new for those that have been out of the loop:

  • The core rules are done, so the game is fully playable now
  • The beginner’s guide is almost done, we just need to add some diagrams to it
  • The full rulebook is almost done, just needs some diagrams as well
  • The point calculation system is done, so now people can make their own armies
  • The first 14 army books are done, so people can play the games already

Final Release

So what’s missing before we can finally release the games?

Well, right now we are working on finalizing the Grimdark Future: Firefight rules, as well as the Age of Fantasy: Skirmish rules. Once those are done and we have the diagrams for our rulebooks done, then we are going to release the games. :)

2nd Edition Army Release Survey

As part of the initial 2nd edition launch we are going to include these armies:

  • Grimdark Future: Battle Brothers + Detachments, Alien Hives, Human Defense Force, Orc Marauders, TAO Coalition
  • Age of Fantasy: Humans, Chivalrous Kingdoms, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Undead (Vampiric + Mummified)

After that we are going to release the remaining armies in batches, and to know which armies we should release first we want your help. Please answer the questions in the survey below so that we know which armies to prioritize:


That’s it for now, we’ll get back to you with a new update soon!

Happy wargaming,


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