3rd Wave Armies & Much More

Game Update

Hi everyone,

Today we are very excited to finally release the 3rd wave armies for all of our games!

With these 12 armies the full roster of our games has reached a whopping 38 armies, which should hopefully give all of you the option to play with pretty much all miniatures that you can find out there… at least in one way or another.

Here a list of the armies we are releasing today:

Grimdark Future

  • Dwarf Guilds – tough little humanoids that will do anything to get their way
  • Machine Cult – misguided humans that treat machines as holy
  • Mercenaries – guns for hire (human inquisition, elven jesters)
  • Ratmen Clans – mutated humanoid vermin that plague the galaxy
  • Soul-Snatchers – vicious alients that infect enemies to fight for them
  • Titan Lords – massive battle walkers that crush their foes with ease
  • Wormhole Daemons – vile creatures that exist to serve the havoc gods

Age of Fantasy

  • Beastmen – human-animal hybrids that seek to destroy all civilizations
  • Deep-Sea Elves – mysterious underwater elves and sea creatures
  • Kingdom of Angels – ascended humans with the favor of the gods
  • Ogres – large, violent and monstrous humanoids
  • Rift Daemons – vile creatures that exist to serve the havoc gods

All of these armies are available for the regular games as well as for their skirmish versions, so that you can play games of any size you want.

On top of the release of the 3rd wave armies we have updated a TON of things in our games, re-working every single army in some form or another. With these changes we are trying to further tweak and balance the game as much as possible.

The most important change that affected all armies is that we have been tweaking our point calculation system a bit, with the result that a lot of units had to be re-balanced and their point costs are higher/lower than they used to be. The biggest difference is found in units with Defense 2+ which have had their point cost raised quite a bit, so you should expect to tweak your army lists.

Here a full list of changes:

Grimdark Future & Age of Fantasy – General Changes

  • Units can’t fight in melee more than once per round anymore
  • Fear gives enemies -1 to hit in melee if they fail a morale test
  • Fearless gives units +1 to morale test rolls
  • All Battle Standards have been updated to reflect this change
  • Point costs of Fear, Furious and Impact have been adjusted
  • Spell blocking now happens on a roll of 5+ to keep things simple
  • Re-worked all spells that dealt auto-hits and had Poison / Rending
  • Unit’s aren’t forced to have a minimum of 1 melee attack anymore
  • When preparing the game objectives are now placed before deploying armies
  • Objectives now remain seized even after the capturing unit moves away
  • Models now roll as many dice as their Tough value for dangerous terrain tests

Grimdark Future – Alien Hives

  • Hive Lord attacks have been decreased from 4 to 3
  • Upgrade lists A, B and C have been slightly modified and re-costed
  • Shadow Hunters now only have Ambush (instead of Ambush + Scout)
  • If a Spore Cannon misses the Spores are now placed by your opponent and can’t activate on the same round
  • Grunts placed by the Spawn ability can’t activate on the same round they are placed

Grimdark Future – Battle Brothers & Detachments

  • Captains, Champions and Psychics can now be Veteran Infantry
  • Fixed point cost of Assault Rifle attachments
  • Battle Standards now give their unit the Fear rule
  • Gravity weapons are now Rending instead of having AP(D3)
  • Auto-Rifles used by Prime Brothers now have less range but more attacks
  • Werewolves don’t have Tough(3) anymore

Grimdark Future – Battle Sisters

  • Fixed point cost of Assault Rifle attachments
  • Fanatic Sisters now have Quality 4+
  • The effects of Sacred Banner and Canticle Megaphone have been switched around

Grimdark Future – Dark Elf Raiders

  • Engine of Suffering now has Quality 4+

Grimdark Future – Havoc Brothers & Disciples

  • Havoc Lords, Dark Champions and Dark Psychics can now be Veteran Infantry
  • Fixed point cost of Assault Rifle attachments
  • The Veteran upgrade was replaced with Veteran Infantry
  • The Chosen upgrade now gives the Fearlss rule instead of +1A in melee

Grimdark Future – Orcs

  • Mechanics now have Defense 4+
  • Fixed point cost of Carbine attachments
  • Power Armor now gives Defense +2

Grimdark Future – HDF

  • Battle Standards now give their unit the Fear rule
  • Added a Company Standard which gives Fear and Fearless

Grimdark Future – Robot Legions

  • All units now have the Fearless special rule
  • Spider Walkers and Spider Robots now have the Fear rule
  • Spider Robots now have Quality 3+

Age of Fantasy – Dwarves

  • Shieldwall now gives units -1 to hit when charging instead of Defense +1

Age of Fantasy – Orcs

  • Re-worked the WAR! special rule to allow for more customization

Age of Fantasy – Goblins

  • Cave-Beast Herds and Cave-Beast Riders now have Quality 4+
  • Fanatics now have Defense 4+
  • Re-worked the Surprise! special rule

Age of Fantasy – Undead

  • Units with the Undead rule now suffer wounds on rolls of 1 instead of 1-2 when taking morale tests

Sooo yeah… a lot of changes!

Now that that’s out of the way let me just give you a little heads up about what’s coming next, because I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this: whilst this updates introduces a lot of new armies and updates the existing ones, it doesn’t introduce any new units to the existing armies.

That being said, we are going to be releasing a lot of new units soon, so if you bought new models for these armies recently fear not, as they are all going to be introduced to the game soon. You can expect new units for the orcs, soul-snatchers, battle brothers, havoc brothers and goblins. 

I think that’s enough info for today, hope you enjoy the new armies. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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GF Video Batrep – 4000pts Custom Custodian Brothers vs High Elf Fleets

Video Content

Hi peeps,

Wyloch’s Armory posted a new video batrep on youtube, this time using a custom list of Custodian Brothers vs High Elf Fleets.

The Custodian Brothers were built from scratch using the point calculation system (available through Patreon), so it’s a bit different from what you would usually expect out of them.

Anyway it was a fun battle, whilst he Custodian Brothers hit hard and are extremely durable, the High Elf Fleets make for a great opponent thanks to their Rending weapons and psychic abilities.

If you’d like to submit your own batrep for everyone to see just shoot me an e-mail: onepageanon@gmail.com.


– Gaetano

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3rd Wave Release Date – 25th of April

Game Update

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that we have an official release date for the 3rd wave armies and other general updates: Thursday the 25th of April!

This has been a long time coming and we are really excited about what changes the new update will bring, as well as getting all of you army books so that you can play with all of your miniatures new and old.

Anyway that’s it for now, no reason to keep you any longer, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be talking to you again soon.

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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GF Video Batrep – 3000pts Alien Hives vs Battle Brothers

Video Content

Hey there,

Tonight we are happy to share another video batrep by Wyloch’s Armory in which the Alien Hives face off against the Battle Brothers in an epic 3000pts battle. This is a classic mashup of man vs bugs, and a lot of nasty clashes happened between the canyons of this distant and desolate planet…

If you’d like to submit your own batrep for everyone to see just shoot me an e-mail: onepageanon@gmail.com.


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Getting closer…

Game Update

Hello everyone,

We’re taking a short break from sharing battle reports in order to bring you some good news when it comes to the release of the 3rd wave armies and other things. After a lot of hard work we are finally getting closer to the release of the next big update, and things are pretty exciting behind the scenes.

3rd Wave Armies

The biggest and most important thing to know is that we have finally completed work on the 12 new armies that are going to be released, and unless we discover any major flaws in them they are pretty much locked down.

Those that have backed us on Patreon are already able to playtest the armies and provide us with feedback, and hopefully these armies will come out to the whole community soon for everyone to enjoy.

Working on the 3rd wave has also brought us to realize that there were a lot of little changes we wanted to make to the core engine, which brings us to the next point…

Core Engine Changes

So since the 3rd wave armies are ready, why haven’t we released them yet? What the hell are we waiting for?! Is this madness!?!

Well… no.

Like we mentioned before we are making a lot of small changes to the core engine because we realized that some special rules were not as fun as we wanted them to be, and whilst working on those we realized that there were some special rules that were priced incorrectly.

But then whilst working on those we also realized that the base cost of certain quality values was priced incorrectly too, so in order to make things right we are going to have to go back and re-work a couple of units from almost every army.

Whilst this won’t be delaying the release by a lot, it will still have an impact. Also a fair warning: a lot of the high quality / high defense values are about to get a lot more expensive, so expect to re-work your Battle Brother army lists soon…

Cover Art

Thanks to the help of our community we were finally able to find an artist that was able to satisfy our needs, and since he came highly recommended we are sure that a couple of you will recognize his work and be very happy.

In any case, we don’t want to say too much now, but we are well underway in the creation of the cover art for the 2 main games, and right now we are about halfway through, which is really really awesome.

As things move along we will probably make some more posts about it, but I think that we will most likely be releasing the new cover art as part of the 3rd wave update.

Fingers crossed…

Layout Changes

To be honest the layout changes are a mixed bag.

For the full rulebook we have been working on layout changes that should make things look a lot better, and we are also trying to get some more illustrations to be added to it in order to spice things up (because in our minds more pictures = better).

For the army books however things are kinda stalled and we won’t be releasing the new layout with the 3rd wave armies. This is mainly because we haven’t found a good balance between making things more visually pleasing and maintaining a compact look, but we will keep testing things until we find something that works.

And that’s it for now…

We’ll probably be making a couple more battle report updates in the future so that you can check out how other people play our games, and as soon as we have more news on the 3rd wave release they will be shared here.

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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