Quickplay Armies – Prime Brothers vs Havoc Brothers

Quickplay Armies

Hi everyone,

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of messages from new players that are just starting out after buying a couple of battle boxes or even a starter set, asking for directions on what armies to try out and how to get a quick game going.

In order to help out new players (and veterans alike) we are going to be periodically makings news posts with Quickplay Armies for you to try out.

What is a Quickplay Army?

Simply put a Quickplay Army is a set of two pre-made army lists that are ready to play, without having to do any of the work.

These armies are going to be shown without point costs and are going to be evenly balanced, which means that sometimes they might have an unusual number of models per unit just to keep things fair.

Hopefully these armies will inspire you to try out something new or they can serve as a starting point for you to build a larger army from.

Here are our first Quickplay Armies: Prime Brothers vs Havoc Brothers

Prime Brothers

  • 1x Prime Lieutenant w/ Camo Cloak & Precision Shots
  • 1x Prime Lieutenant w/ Camo Cloak
  • 1x Prime Psychic w/ Camo Cloak
  • 10x Infiltration Brothers w/ 1x Medical Training
  • 3x Elimination Brothers
  • 3x Suppression Brothers

Havoc Brothers

  • 1x Dark Champion w/ Pistol & Energy Sword
  • 10x Havoc Brothers w/ 1x Plasma Rifle, 1x Autocannon, 1x Pistol & CCW
  • 2x Mutated Possessed
  • 2x Mutated Destroyers
  • 1x Spider Walker

This set of Quickplay Armies was made with a lot of the new units which we released in our latest update and provides an interesting clash between the Prime Brothers and their corrupted counter-part the Havoc Brothers.

The Prime Brothers in this set are more on the sneaky side, with units that can Scout into battle and Snipers that can cover them from a distance. In the meantime they also have the powerful Suppression Brothers on their side that can cause a ton of damage with their autocannons.

The Havoc Brothers on the other side focus on a lot of brutal melee power, with Mutated Possessed and Mutated Destroyers that can be devastating up close. They also bring a vehicle with them in the form of the Spider Walker, which can not only easily destroy enemies from afar with its Excruciating Cannons, but is even better in melee as it can Devour enemy units to regenerate lost wounds.

Anyway, hope that you like them, if you have any suggestions please let us know. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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