Wave 1 Completed, 12 Armies and 20 Factions Updated

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Game Update, Grimdark Future, Skirmish

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that we’ve completed Wave 1 of our army balance updates and that you can find all of the new files in the respective army folders for each game already.

This was a lot of work because whilst we “only” updated 12 armies some of them had multiple sub-armies inside of them, so we actually updated a whole 20 factions. Then each army has to be updated for both large-scale as well as skirmish, so yeah… 300+ units have been updated and this is only Wave 1. :D

Anyway, enough of the numbers, let’s get to the actual meat of the update!

Changes to Firefight & Skirmish

The army update comes with general game updates, as well as a with one major change for all of our skirmish games: We are switching back to having grouped units act as groups in the game, instead of having them act as individuals.

Whilst working on the patch we realized that whilst it was fun to have every model act as an individual, the games were not designed with that amount of low-cost models being able to act independently in mind. This means that there are a lot of imbalances that are coming out of it that would require us to change the game into a completely different direction, re-work the point calculator, and more.

Since we have no intention to have our skirmish games to diverge too far away from the large-battle games (since we want it to be easy to hop from one game to the other), we are just going to switch back to the old system. Truly this switch is nothing big, just activate those low-cost models as a unit again and you’re good to go. :)


General Game Changes

The rest of the changes aren’t that big, but there’s one important thing that we’d like to address before going into them: We’re going to be temporarily removing the Full Color versions of our files and only have Black & White versions for all of them.

As you read above we are working with a LOT of files for our games, and putting everything together we’re dealing with ~100 files right now. Having each of these files both in Full Color and Black & White is adding an insane amount of work to our already busy schedule, and we simply can’t afford to continue having both right now.

This doesn’t mean that we’re getting rid of our new Cover Art or Illustrations, so those are still going to be part of the rules. If you want to save on ink simply don’t print out the Cover Art page from the Full Rulebooks or the first Background Story page from the Army Books.

Currently we’re looking into ways of maybe having dynamic files that allow you to choose between different options with just 1 single file, but no promises on that yet.

new layout grimdark

Anyway, here the full changes:

  • Fear now counts as dealing +D3 wounds for melee results (GF + AoF)
  • Fear now counts as dealing +D3 wounds for wound effects (GFF + AoFS)
  • Furious now gives +1 attack with a weapon of choice when charging
  • Rending was re-written to be clearer
  • Artillery now gives the unit Defense 2+ against shooting attacks
  • Fire Breath now deals 3 automatic this with AP(1), clarified that needs line of sight
  • Units with multiple models are activated as a single unit instead of individuals
  • Special rules with a “bubble” effect had their range raised from 3″ to 12″
  • Units within 12″ of a hero can now use his quality for morale tests
  • Spell effects can now be spread by up to 6″

Because we are updating armies in different waves this might lead to some quirky situations in terms of point cost balance or the way spells and special rules work.

The only way to avoid this would be to release all the updated armies at once, but since that might take a long time and we are updating them in order of popularity, we think it’s not fair toward our players to hold on to a finished product for longer than necessary.

We hope that any imbalances won’t be too bad and that we’re going to finish updating all of the armies quickly so everyone can enjoy! :)

new layout fantasy

Wave 1 – Grimdark Future Patch Notes

Finally here are the patch notes for Grimdark Future.

Battle Brothers

  • Added new melee upgrades for heroes
  • Re-worked rules for Energy Swords, Energy Hammers and Energy Claws
  • Re-worked Gravity Pistols and Gravity Rifles
  • Re-worked Pathfinder Bikers, Brother Bikers and Support Bikes
  • Added new ranged upgrades for Pathfinders
  • Added new ranged upgrades for Support Bikes
  • Re-worked Advanced Tactics
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells
  • Added new melee upgrades for Destroyers
  • Artillery Cannons now have the Repair rule
  • Attack Walkers have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Prime Psychics can now be upgraded to Psychic(2)
  • Added new ranged upgrades for Prime Brothers
  • Raider Squads now have Furious instead of Fear
  • Added new melee upgrades for Raider Squads
  • Prime Light Walkers and Attack Walkers have a new Stomp attack
  • Raised the Tough value of all Prime Brothers vehicles

Blood Brothers

  • Re-worked rules for Energy Swords and Energy Hammers
  • Re-worked Gravity Pistols and Gravity Rifles
  • Blood Walker had a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells

Custodian Brothers

  • Re-worked rules for Energy Swords, Spears and Swords
  • High Sister no longer has Fear but can have Furious, Relentless or Scout
  • Vigilant Sisters now have Furious
  • Prosecution Sisters now have Relentless and are armed with Prosecution Rifles
  • Hunter Sisters now have Scout
  • Custodian Walkers have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Re-worked the Anti-Psychic rule

Dark Brothers

  • Re-worked rules for Energy Swords
  • Re-worked the Dark Resolve rule (which is now called Grim instead)
  • Added new melee upgrades for Dark Destroyers
  • Re-worked Heavy Maces and Heavy Flail for Destroyer Knights
  • Re-worked the Black Bikers
  • Added new melee upgrades for Knight Bikers

Watch Brothers

  • Added new ranged and melee upgrades for Death Watcher
  • Re-worked the Tactical Master rule
  • Re-worked rules for all melee weapons
  • Re-worked Gravity Pistols and Gravity Rifles

Knight Brothers

  • Re-worked the Aegis and Teleport rules
  • Knight Champion now has Combat Master
  • Re-worked rules for all melee weapons
  • Removed the Brotherhood rule, units can now upgrade any model with Psychic(1)
  • Re-worked the Purifiers upgrade for Knight Brothers
  • Purgation Brothers now have Relentless
  • Re-worked the Paladins upgrade for Knight Destroyers
  • Knight Walker has Tough(18) now and a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Re-worked melee upgrades for Knight Walkers
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells

Wolf Brothers

  • Counter-Attack rule has been re-worked
  • Re-worked all melee weapons
  • Reworked melee and ranged upgrades for Wolf Destroyers
  • Re-worked Cyborg Wolves
  • Re-worked Wolf Riders
  • Wolf Walker has a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells

Orc Marauders

  • Added new melee upgrades for heroes
  • Re-worked the WAR! special rule
  • Removed the Mad Doctor, units can now upgrade with a Mad Doctor instead
  • Shamans now have Pistols and can access other hero upgrades
  • Goblin Herds have a new Goblin Herder upgrade and ranged weapon upgrades
  • Re-worked ranged upgrades for Orc Mobs
  • Jetpack Orcs now have melee and ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked ranged upgrades for Commandos
  • Re-worked ranged and melee upgrades for Specialist Orcs
  • Orc Pirates have new ranged weapons and upgrades
  • Re-worked melee upgrades for Boss Mobs
  • Ultra Bosses now have Tough(3) and their melee upgrades were re-worked
  • Orc Bikers and Boss Bikers have been re-worked and have new ranged upgrades
  • Boss Trikes now have Tough(6) and Relentless and have new ranged upgrades
  • Orc Helicopters now have Defense 5+ and Tough(6) and upgrades were re-worked
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells
  • Looted Trucks and Battle Trucks now have a Heavy Machinegun
  • Goblin Walkers and Orc Walkers have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Orc Walkers have new melee upgrades
  • Re-worked ranged weapons for Beast Buggies
  • Blaster Buggies now come with Stick Grenades
  • Re-worked ranged weapons for Goblin Artillery
  • Combined the Brutal and Cunning Titan into one and added new upgrades

Human Defense Force

  • Re-worked Energy Swords
  • Re-worked the Battle Drills rule
  • Commanders now have 6″ range to give orders and can’t give orders vehicles
  • Added new ranged upgrades for Infantry Squads, Veterans and Storm Troopers
  • Infantry units now have Field Radios, Company Standards and Medical Training
  • Re-worked the Field Radio rule
  • Veteran Squads can now be upgraded with Camo Cloaks
  • Re-worked Cavalry Squads and added new melee and ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked Ogre Squads and added new melee and ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells
  • Light Walkers have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact

Alien Hives*

  • Added new units: Veteran Warrior, Snatcher Veteran and Artillery Spore
  • Re-worked most melee and ranged weapons and added more options
  • Removed all Adrenaline and Toxic Maw upgrades because they were imbalanced
  • Hive Lords have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Hive Lords can now upgrade with Regeneration
  • Most elite units can now be upgraded with Psychic Barrier and Pheromones
  • Grunts and Winged Grunts have new ranged upgrades
  • Assault Grunts have new melee upgrades
  • Hive Warriors can now be upgraded with Wings
  • Ravenous Beasts can now be upgraded with Ambush or Scout
  • Flamer Beasts now have 18″ range and Indirect
  • Shadow Hunters, Flamer Beasts and Mortar Beasts have Tough(6) now
  • Re-worked Psychic Spells
  • All monsters have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • All monsters can now be upgraded with Impact(3) and Regeneration
  • Psycho-Rexes can now be upgraded with Psychic Barrior and Pheromones
  • Tyrant Beasts and Artillery Beasts have new ranged upgrades
  • Burrowers now have more melee attacks
  • The Surprise Attack rule has been re-worked
  • Invasion Spores now have more ranged upgrades

*Due to the extensive changes to this list we won’t detail every single one in detail

TAO Coalition

  • Added new unit: Jackal Veteran
  • Re-worked Rapid Burst Carbines
  • Battle Suit Captains and Battle Suits can now upgrade with new melee weapons
  • Grunt Captains and one model in Grunt Squads can now upgrade with a Pulse Pistol
  • Sages have new melee weapons, a new Elemental Power rule and can be Psychics
  • Added a new Psychic spells list
  • Grunt Squads can now be upgraded with new ranged weapons
  • Spotter Squads can now be upgraded with Scoped Rifles
  • Re-worked Rail Rifles and Recon Drones
  • Stealth Suits can now be upgraded with Beacons and Spotting Lasers
  • Jackal Hounds can now be upgraded with Furious and Poison
  • Jackal Cavalry has been re-worked and can now take Heavy Machineguns
  • Locusts can now be upgraded with new ranged weapons
  • Re-worked the Anti-Charge System special rule
  • Re-worked Heavy Rail Rifles
  • All walkers and titans have a new Stomp attack instead of Imapct
  • Tide Titans can now be upgraded with Plasma Swords and Nova Shields
  • Re-worked Heavy Ion Cannons


Wave 1 – Age of Fantasy Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for Age of Fantasy.


  • Removed the Shieldwall rule and re-worked Defense of most units
  • Heroes have new melee and ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked the Ancestral Stone mount
  • Rune Masters now have the Wizard rule
  • Added new Wizard spell list
  • Warriors and Veterans have new melee upgrades
  • Marksmen and Rangers have new ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked Beast Riders and War-Bear Riders
  • Attack Helicopters and Bomber Helicopters have Tough(6) now
  • Re-worked the Attack Bomb and Bombing Run rules
  • Giant Constructs have new melee weapons

Volcanic Dwarves

  • Added new units: Battle Lord, Grim Lord, Doom Lord and Priest Lord
  • Added new Wizard spell list
  • Re-worked melee, ranged and mount upgrades for Auric Lord
  • Volcanic Warriors now have Furious instead of Regeneration
  • Volcanic Warriors and Flame Warriors have new melee upgrades
  • Auric Marksmen have new ranged upgrades

Sky-City Dwarves

  • Added new units: Sky-City Lord and Aether Master
  • Added new Wizard spell list
  • Re-worked melee weapons for all heroes
  • Re-worked the Follow the Code, Repair and Wind-Reader rules
  • Navigators can now take Storm Sight
  • Crews have new ranged upgrades
  • Re-worked all Cannons, Hook Weapons and Drill Weapons
  • Re-worked Mechanical Parrots
  • Balloon Warriors have now been split into 2 new units: Wardens and Riggers
  • Sky-Rigger now gives the Repair rule to any model
  • Re-worked Gunboats, Frigates and Ironclads
  • Re-worked the Bomb Racks rule

Vampiric Undead

  • Removed the Fear rule from most units
  • Added new melee upgrades for most heroes
  • Re-worked all mounts
  • Re-worked Wizard spells
  • Zombies have 2 attacks now
  • Skeletons have Quality 5+ now and new melee upgrades
  • Skeleton Guard have new melee upgrades
  • Vampire Knights now come with Hand Weapons and can be upgraded with Lances
  • Bat Swarms lost the Horror rule but gained Furious instead
  • Bat Horrors have Defense 4+ now
  • Re-worked the Bat Dragon’s Shriek attack
  • All monsters have a new Stomp attack instead of Impact
  • Coach Chariots now have Furious
  • Corpse Chariots can now be upgraded with Cursed Braziers or Lodestones
  • Re-worked the Reliquary rule
  • Maiden Thrones can now be taken as individual units and not just as mounts

Mummified Undead

  • Removed the Fear rule from most units
  • Added new melee upgrades for Mummy King
  • Re-worked all mounts
  • Re-worked Wizard spells
  • Mummies now have 2 attacks in melee
  • Skeletons, Archers, Knights and Horse Archers now have Quality 5+
  • Skeletons have new melee upgrades
  • Re-worked the Cursed Arrows rule
  • Skeleton Knights now come with Hand Weapons and can be upgraded to Lances
  • Guardian Statues can now be upgraded with a Stone Shaper
  • Snakemen and Snake Riders now have Impact(3)
  • Scarab Swarms now have 3 attacks in melee and Tough(3)
  • Giant Scorpions now have Defense 2+
  • Sphinx Champions and War Sphinx can be upgraded with Stone Shapers
  • Added new unit: Royal Chariot


  • All heroes have more melee attacks now
  • Captains now have Fearless
  • Added new melee upgrades for heroes
  • Re-worked the Inspiring Presence Rule
  • Re-worked all mounts
  • Pigeon Bombs now have the Indirect rule
  • Re-worked Wizard spells
  • Infantrymen have new melee upgrades
  • Knights now come with Hand Weapons and upgrade with new melee weapons
  • Re-worked Mortars and Volley Guns


  • Re-worked melee upgrades and mounts for all heroes
  • Re-worked the WAR! rule
  • Re-worked Wizard spells
  • Lowered the Defense of all Orcs and Savage Orcs
  • Orcs and Savage Orcs have new melee upgrades
  • Re-worked melee weapons of Black Orcs
  • Brute Orcs now have Tough(3)
  • All Boar Riders and Boar Chariots deal more Impact hits


  • Bosses have new melee upgrades and all mounts were re-worked
  • Re-worked the Inspiring Presence rule
  • Goblins and Cave Goblins have new melee upgrades
  • Re-worked the Boing rule
  • Re-worked the Power Shrooms rule
  • Re-worked Runt Swarms
  • Fanatics lost Out of Control and gained Destructive Force
  • Wolf Riders now have Claws
  • Troll Giants lost Comforting Presence but can upgrade with Crushing blow now
  • Giant Spiders can now be upgraded with Venom Sting
  • Re-worked Pump Chariots and the Pump rule



Whew, that’s it for today, another huge patch! We’re hoping to bring you Wave 2 in the next 2-3 weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Big in Japan, MACE & Balance Changes


Hi everyone,

We’ve been spending the last couple of weeks working on the new balance changes which are coming out pretty great, and whilst we won’t be able to release them yet you can probably expect Wave 1 to be out by next week.

Anyway, in this update we’re going to go a little bit deeper into what exactly is changing with the upcoming balance patch, but first we have some unexpected news for you.

Big in Japan

As most of you know back in the day there used to be many more games on OPR than there currently are, which were removed during the big purge of 2017.

One of the most popular games we had was called WarStuff, which was a very simple skirmish system designd to be played with any miniatures (or other stuff) that you have at hand.

The game came with a simple point calculator that allowed you to quickly put together units for anything from green army men to toy dinosaurs to even just random objects (ever wanted to fight a bottle of shampoo?).

Anyway, it seemst hat WarStuff was the little game could, and now this wargaming sensation has spread all the way over to Japan!


Yes, you’re not dreaming, someone took one of our games, translated it to Japanese, and filled the rulebook with cute illustrations.

According to Akinori Nishiyama (the guy in charge of this project) there’s a growing community of 300+ players that uses WarStuff for their wargaming needs.

Since we’ve been in contact we’re looking into adapting the game further for the Japanese market, so let’s see where this takes us!

Download WarStuff (JP): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rl9Ln2W8nWLb5sGZ2iHiv4NjHpDL_oze/view?usp=drivesdk


Before anybody asks, as we already mentioned in one of our previous updates we’re planning to bring back a lot of our old games in the new One-Offs format, and you can expect WarStuff to be one of them.

Right now we’re focusing on releasing all of the new balance changes, but youc an expect more news right after that’s done. :)

Grimdark Future at MACE

Wyloch from the awesome YouTube channel Wyloch’s Armory is going to be at MACE next month, so if you want to join him you’re most welcome to do so.

From his announcement:

“I will be at MACE in Charlotte, NC next month and will be running demonstrations of Grimdark Future with conference attendees. We will be using my terrain and my fully painted armies. It will be a visual spectacle to ensure that I champion OnePageRules in the most memorable way possible.

There are still open spots at my table. If you are near North Carolina and have an open schedule, consider a last minute trip!


Link to his post: http://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/9248/thread

If you don’t know Wyloch, he’s the guy behind a ton of awesome Grimdark Future Video Batreps, which you should definitely check out!

Upcoming Balance Changes

So, we’ve been talking about the new balance changes for the past couple of weeks, but what exactly is changing?

Whilst we don’t want to go into too much detail as to what exactly is going to change for each army (since with 40+ armies that would be too much for a single post), we’re going to give you a bullet point overview of what you can expect.

Here are the overall changes that are coming:

  • Rock-Paper-Flamer – The basic troops of each army will have access to melee or ranged weapons that allow them to deal with different types of units, such as infantry hordes, heavy infantry toops and monsters/vehicles.
  • Shred Rifles & Beast Pikes – For those armies that don’t have any existing weapon that fits the bill to counter certain unit types we’re going to be introducing new wepaons such as the Shred Rifle and the Beast Pike.
  • Upgrades as Alternatives – To give players more interesting choices most melee weapons and some ranged weapons are being re-worked so that weapons aren’t one strictly better than the other, but instead that they have different stats so they are each alternatives that deal better with specific targets than others.
  • Swiss Army Psychic – All armies are going to have access to some sort of spell caster, and all of the spell lists are being re-worked to give them spells that can deal with different types of units, such as infantry spam or heroes that hide in units.
  • Walker Stomps – Walker units are going to lose the Impact rule and gain a new Stomp attack, which makes them more reliable in melee and also ensures that if both their army are replaced by ranged weapons they’re not suddenly unable to squish infantry units.
  • Bikes & Charging – Biker units are being re-worked to be more effective at charging and so that they can be used as effective cavalry units that devastate enemies in melee (but can also still be equipped with ranged weapons if you so desire).
  • Lowering Randomness – In order to make units more reliable we’re going to be lowering the amount of random rolls that are in the game. For example if a spell used to say “deal D6 automatic hits” it will now say “deal 4 automatic hits”, this way you always know what to expect.
  • Streamlining Melee – Finally to make things move along faster we’re going to be re-working the Fear and Furious rules, as well as streamlining the amount of units that have access to Impact.

Of course there are a ton of other little changes happening here and there which will re-balance the game, but those will be all detailed in each army release wave update!

If you’ve always thought about supporting the project and were just waiting for an opportunity to get something extra neat for doing so then make sure to check out our Patreon, which will give you exclusive early access to all new army balance changes right now.



That’s it for today folks, hope you have a nice weekend. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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New 3D Print Hero, Community Campaigns and Community Contributions

3D Print, Collaboration, The Makers Cult

Hi everyone,

Today’s update isn’t going to be very big, I’ve been focussing a lot on updating the Wave 1 armies, but we still got some really awesome stuff for you!

New 3D Print Battle Brothers Hero

The guys over at The Makers Cult are just really really awesome, I don’t know what more to say. :D

Without even asking them for it they’ve gone ahead and created another version of the official OPR Battle Brothers Hero, this time giving him an Energy Hammer and a Combat Shield.


It’s like with every new miniature they make for us things just keep getting more awesome, and we can’t wait to see what else they’ve got to offer in the future.

Get the miniature here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3897618

Check out The Makers Cult here: https://www.patreon.com/themakerscult


We’ve also added a new section on the homepage to highlight all of the cool 3D print stuff we have going, so make sure to check it out: https://onepagerules.com/3d-print/

Community Campaigns

As we mentioned in a previous post we’ve been running a GFF campaign over on the official forum, and since that campaign is about to come to an end we’d like to set some new ones up.

We’ve learned a lot since the original inception of the “Prophecy of the Page” campaign, and now we’re ready to reveal a new campaign format.

In order to give everyone a chance to play at their own pace, we’re going to have a “permanent” campaign format, where people can hop in and out of campaigns as they please, whilst keeping everything balanced.

The way this works is simple: Divide the number of matches you won by the number of matches you played and multiply by 100 (round up the result). This is your final Campaign Score. Warbands must play at least 5 matches in order to be put on the Campaign Score Board.

Example: If you won 5 matches and played 8, then your Campaign Score would be 63.

Pretty simple, you see?

Anyway, to get everyone going we’ve set up a couple of threads on the forum for different campaigns, so you should definitely check these out:

GFF Gang Wars Campaignhttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/9164/thread

AoFS Community Campaignhttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/9166/thread

If you don’t have anyone that is up for playing a campaign with you don’t worry, you can always join us on Discord and play online over Roll20.


Community Contributions

Lately there have been a ton of awesome contributions made by the community and we’d like to point out just a few of them which we think deserve some attention. We’re really happy about the OPR community and couldn’t wish for more, all of you are awesome!

BattleScribe 2.0http://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/8458/thread

We know we’ve mentioned this before but we simply have to do it again because of how great of a resource this is for all players. There’s a thread on the forum where people create BattleScribe files that allow you to put together army lists quickly and hassle-free, and you should definitely check it out.

Expanding the Lorehttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/8419/thread

Whenever we create a new army we try to keep the background story as open as possible, giving players a chance to create their own stories… and a lot of people are doing that. There’s a thread on the forum where lots of players have been sharing their own visions of the lore, with lots of cool stories.

Ancient Derelictshttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/9007/thread

Have you ever wanted to explore an abandoned spaceship that’s infested by Soul-Snatchers? Well the head on over to the forum where there is a fan made expansion for GFF that allows you do just that. Explore the ship, gather loot, upgrade your Destroyers and destroy the Soul-Snatcher nest to win.

Full French Translationhttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/8985/thread

Whilst most people usually just translate the core rules for our games, Squale has gone the extra mile and has translated most of the army lists for Grimdark Future into French too. We know it’s an enormous effort to do that with the hundreds of units that are in the game, bravo.

Hobby Progresshttp://onepagerules.proboards.com/thread/1198/hobby-progress-thread

Last but not least we wanted to let you know about the hobby progress thread, where players have been sharing a ton of pictures of their awesome looking miniatures and conversions. Here you’ll find all sorts of cool stuff, including 3D printed miniatures, paper miniatures and even scratch-built miniatures.

If you had an idea for someting that you think is really cool don’t be afraid to share it, we’re all very happy with all of the awesome stuff that everyone has been contributing.



That’s it for today, like I said just a short update. Next week we’re going to be finally expanding on what exactly is coming up in the new balance changes, make sure not to miss out on the new post!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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