Battle Sisters Troops and more

3D Print, Game Update

Hi everyone,

Today we’re bringing you some awesome new 3D print models, an update on some of the models on cgtrader, as well as some smaller fixes to a couple of armies… and something else too…

Battle Sisters Troops Released

Last month we released the powerful Battle Sisters Champion, but she was a little bit lonely, so this month we’re releasing some troops for her to lead into battle!


These battle-hardened troops form the back-bone of the Battle Sisters army, ready to burn down traitors and aliens to a crisp. These models come with 2 different head designs, 5 different weapons, as well as optional backpacks.

Download the models here:

Note that you must be a Tier 3 patron to access to the link above.

These models are going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 29th of April, after which they will go up for sale on our CGTrader store at a higher price.

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Models removed from CGTrader

As some of you may have already noticed, we’ve removed the Battle Brothers and Dwarves models from our CGTrader store.

For various internal reasons we’re unable to continue providing those models for free, and so they were removed from the store for now.

Currently we’re debating on what to do with those models in the future, but we’ll make sure to give an update on what happens to them soon. :)

We hope that everyone that already downloaded them enjoys them as they are, and we are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused.

Minor Army Updates

Today we’re adding a new unit for the Dwarf Guilds, as well as lowering the maximum level that Havoc Brothers Psychics can have, as level 3 is usually reserved for more legendary units. We also removed the Plague Psychic as it seems to be causing some confusion, and to make sure that Disciples of Plague are more in line with the other Havoc Brother Disciples factions.

It also seems that when we did the last major army updates we forgot to change units that had both Ambush and Scout to only have either of them, so we went ahead and fixed those.

Here the full changelog:

Grimdark Future

Dwarf Guilds

  • Added new unit: Weapon Teams

Havoc Brothers

  • Dark Psychics can’t upgrade to level 3 anymore

Disciples of Plague

  • Plague Psychics have been removed (use Dark Psychics + Regeneration instead)

Human Inquisition

  • Spy Assassins now only have Ambush instead of Scout

Wormhole Daemons

  • Plague Swarms now only have Ambush instead of Scout

Age of Fantasy

Disciples of Plague

  • Plague Kings can now update each model with different weapons


  • Assassins now only have Ambush instead of Scout


Just a little teaser…

Something new is coming, something cool is coming, but it’s too early to give you the full thing yet, so here is a tiny first glance at it…


That’s it for today’s update. We hope that everyone is doing OK in these strange times and that our games can at least provide some minor relief for you. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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