OPR Game Jam 2020 is Live!

Game Jam


Hi everyone,

The first ever OPR Game Jam is now live, and the the theme will be:


What does that mean you ask?

Asymmetric Design is a principle of game design where each player is given a different set of options and mechanics to play with, so that players don’t stand on even ground.

This could mean giving players different starting parameters, different levels of information, different abilities, different goals, or  just generally different rules.

Examples of games with Asymmetric Design (in no particular order): Evolve, Starcraft, Root, Vast, Descent, Netrunner, Mysterium, Star Wars Risk, etc.

If you want to see video examples of games with Asymmetric Design, check out these videos about Root and Vast (games where each player controls a faction with very different mechanics), as well as this video about How Games Get Balanced (which contains lots of examples of asymmetric games).

So, did those videos get you pumped up to design an awesome game?

Then head over to our Discord server to share your ideas: https://discord.gg/djBydgk

You now have 48hrs to design your game, and send in your submission by:

  • UK – 8PM BST Sunday May 10th
  • USA East Coast – 3PM ET Sunday May 10th
  • USA West Coast – Noon PT Sunday May 10th
  • Europe – 9PM CET Sunday May 10th
  • Japan – 4AM JST Monday May 11th
  • Australia – 5AM AEST Monday May 11th

Check out the Game Jam page for more info on submissions: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj2020

Submission Rules:

  1. The game has to follow the theme.
  2. The game must fit on a single sheet, using the provided template:
    • The front page must contain all of the game’s core rules.
    • The back page may optionally contain rules on unit creation or special rules.
  3. Every game must be submitted along with the following:
    • A visual moodboard for the game. We recommend using BeFunky (it’s free).
    • (Optional) Pictures of you playing the game, the miniatures, the table, etc.

Please make sure to submit your game in .pdf format so that it’s easy for everyone to read it on mobile and desktop!

We have created an example game (not following the theme) for you to see what a correct submission should look like, and if you need more inspiration you can check out our one-off games to see how you can fit a full experience on just one page.

Finally we wanted to remind everyone that the most important thing is to create a game that has interesting mechanics and an engaging core gameplay loop, and not a perfectly balanced grand strategy game.

You could focus on creating a small one-off encounter for example (like a rowdy bar fight, or an exciting airplane dogfight), or maybe make a game that follows a short linear story. Either way, just try to make something fun to play, regardless of its size. :)

Happy Designing!

– Gaetano

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