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Hi everyone,

In today’s update we have some new models, some old models, and some updates about future models… so yeah, everything is revolving around models today. :D

Battle Sisters Fanatics

The first 3D release of the month are the brutal Battle Sisters Fanatics, who charge into combat with their heavy chainsaw swords. This kit comes with 5 different heads and poses (and massive chainsaw swords).

“Battle Sisters Fanatics leave behind their heavy wargear to stay light on their feet and quickly get in the enemy’s face, cutting them down with their heavy chainsaw swords.”

Download the models here: 

Note that you must be a Tier 3 patron to access to the link above.

These models are going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 29th of June, after which they will go up for sale on our CGTrader store at a higher price.

2D Paper Terrain

On the 2D side we’ve got some mixed paper terrain, which you can use for games with plastic models or paper models, making it super fast to get a game going.

The mixed terrain pack comes with 2 fields, 2 groups of scatter terrain, 2 barricades, 2 forests and 3 ruins. There are 4 different seasons available, each with their own flavor and little details to make then special.

This terrain is going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 29th of June, after which it will go up for sale on our WargameVault Store at a higher price.

June Model Releases

For those of you that are antsy about what awesome goodies you’ll be getting for supporting the project on Patreon this month, here’s a full list of all the models you’ll be getting:

May Models Available

Finally for those that missed them, all of last month’s models have been uploaded to our CGTrader and WargameVault stores, so make sure to check them out.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoy the models and are ready for even more awesome releases this month!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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