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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got some our first starter set for you, some new 3D models, an update on the 2021 game jam, some reminders for those that are new, as well as teasers for some upcoming releases.

Grimdark Future Starter Set

When it comes to miniature wargaming, it can be quite difficult for players to get into a new game since there’s usually a large cost involved with buying new books, miniatures, terrain, etc.

In order to help new players find our games and get them playing as fast as possible, we’re going to be regularly releasing new starter sets for sale on WargameVault, which serve as an all-in-one package to get people started.

So with that we’re proud to release the first Grimdark Future starter set: Battle for Magellan-2

This starter set contains the core rules, 12 unit stat cards, two complete paper armies with 43 miniatures, 11 flat terrain pieces and a set of 106 play tokens, making for an incredible content rich package.

If you’re interested you can get this starter set for just $4.99 by clicking HERE.

These starter sets don’t have multiple army colors or terrain seasons like you get on Patreon, so the best deal is still to subscribe there, but they should hopefully give more players a new way to find and try out our games. :)

Dwarf Warriors 3D Models

Dwarves are known for their prowess in battle and lack of fear when faced with enemies twice their height, and these Dwarf Warriors are rightly respected by their enemies.

These models were made in collaboration with Kyoushuneko Miniatures, check out the Patreon here: 

These models come with 5 different head designs, 5 different body designs and 5 different weapon types (axes, hammers, picks, maces, spears).

Download the models here: 

Note that you must be a Tier 3 patron to access to the link above.

These models are going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 29th of June, after which they will go up for sale on our CGTrader store at a higher price.

OPR Game Jam 2021

In order to spread more awareness about the OPR Game Jam and make sure that people’s games from this year’s jam don’t get lost, we’ve added a new section to our website where people can check them out.

Whilst we were at it we’ve also decided to already create the page for the 2021 jam, this way people can slowly join over the course of a year and hopefully we can get even more participants to create awesome games!

Make sure to sign up here: 

Community Reminders

As the project keeps growing we have more and more new people joining us, which is really awesome, but we also understand that it’s hard to keep up with all the stuff we’ve got going on. If you’re new to the project you should definitely check these things out:

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  • Facebook Group – A great place to share images and talk about our games.
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  • Teespring – Show your support with an official OPR t-shirt.

Upcoming Releases Teaser

With full rulebooks for all of our main games having been released, some of you have been asking what’s next for OPR in terms of game releases and expansions. So far we’ve been pretty vague about the road ahead, but today we’re ready to reveal just a little more about what is coming up in the near future.

Way back in our January Community Survey (about time we made another one actually…), we asked you what type of expansions you’d be interested in the most, and the top results were narrative campaigns and dynamic mission rules. Whilst we released a set of Dynamic Mission Cards in March, we never actually said anything more about narrative campaigns, so you guessed it, that’s what we’re currently working on.

Since it’s still in development we don’t want to give out too many details yet, but we’re currently working on a narrative campaign for Grimdark Future, which will take you on an epic adventure with lots of cool missions and an exciting story to read. This is the first time we’re trying out a narrative campaign, and we’re very curious to see how it turns out!

Another thing that we asked in the community survey was what settings people would be interested in for our next full game, and the top result was spaceship battles. This result as well as all the great feedback we received when we re-released Orion’s Gate / War Fleets in December has really pushed us towards making spaceship battles our next game.

As before, since this is still all early in development we don’t want to give out too many details, but for now you can expect that a spaceship battles game will be going into early access sometime in the near future, with a full public release hopefully a couple of months down the road. Don’t worry if you’re a fan of our current games though, we will continue fully supporting and updating them too. :)

That’s it for today, we’re really excited to be working on all of these new things, and we’ll be providing you with more details soon. Make sure to sign up to our Newsletter. ;)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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