Biker Sisters + Small Updates

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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got some new patreon models, a free thingiverse model, as well as a couple of smaller updates for the game and our website/patreon descriptions.

Biker Sisters Released

This week we’ve released a new set of 3D print models, and we’re super happy with how they turned out, looking like they’re ready to take on anything! :D

Biker Sisters are able to zoom across the battlefield in the blink of an eye, allowing them to get to where they are most needed quickly.

Download the models here: 

Note that you must be a Tier 3 patron to access to the link above.

These models are going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 30th of July, after which they will go up for sale on our CGTrader store at a higher price.

Free Battle Brothers Model

We continue with our quest to provide you all with free models for you to run some test prints, and this week we’ve uploaded a Battle Brothers model on Thingiverse.

Get the model here:

If you’d like to help us out, please follow us and give the model a like, thanks!

Small Game Update

Today we’ve just made a small update to the Ratmen army for the Age of Fantasy series of games, clarifying how the Tunnel Drill team works in order to avoid any doubts. The army books have already been updated, so just head over to the relevant game section to download the latest version.

Grimdark Future on WargameVault

Since we’ve re-vamped our Full Rulebooks we’ve always had some people asking us if they could get access to them outside of Patreon. In order to give people that don’t have access to Patreon in their country a way to get the Full Rulebooks, we’ve decided to try uploading them on WargameVault.

This week we started with Grimdark Future, but we’ll be adding one Full Rulebook every week until they’re all available on WargameVault. Supporting us on Patreon is still the cheapest way to get your hands on all of the content we release, but at least now everyone has a way to get our rulebooks. :)

Get the rulebook by clicking HERE.

Small Website / Patreon Changes

Even after being for 3 years on Patreon there are still some players who are confused by how our release model works, so in order to try and make things clearer we’ve re-worked our games sections and our Patreon home.

For those of you that are still new, here is how it works:

“Every month we work on new games and miniatures, which are first released on Patreon and then later sold in our stores. By supporting us on Patreon you get access to our content before anybody else, and for a much lower price then it will be sold at later.”

We’ve also used this chance to try and clean up the games section and make them a little cleaner, so now all of the extra content (mission cards, campaign rules, etc.) has now been placed in a single shared folder, making it easier to access everything at once instead of having to open individual links.

So yeah, not huge changes, but hopefully they will make things easier to grasp for newcomers and veterans alike. :)

That’s it for today, we’ll be back with an update next week with some previews of new stuff to come, hope you enjoy your weekend and stay safe. :D

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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