Arena Games Season 1 + Much More!

3D Print, New Release, Painting Contest

Hi everyone,

This week we’re super excited to release 2 more brand new games, and we have a couple announcements like our October painting competition, 3D models with pre-supports, an FTL fleet builder, and more.

Let’s get to it!

Arena Games – Season 1 Released

Seems like this month we can’t go a week without having some new game announcements, and today we’ve finally released Season 1 of our arena games to the public!

GF: Arena & AoF: Arena are hex-based arena games that play lightning fast and are centered around warband customization to find the best and craziest combos.

When preparing your warband for battle you’ll have the option between picking different combinations of models, as well as equipping them with upgrades from a selection of faction-specific and common cards.

During the game each player will also have a tactics board which provides models with additional special actions, reactions and objectives that they can use to gain an advantage. These tactics boards are also customizable, with players being able to mix-and-match from a selection of faction-specific and common abilities.

Season 1 features the Battle Brothers, Orc Marauders and Alien Hives for GF, whilst for AoF it features the Humans, Vampiric Undead and the Mummified Undead. On top of that you’ll also get common upgrades and tactics boards, model stat cards, hex-arena boards, play tokens, and everything you need to get going.

The game comes with a one-page version of the rules, as well as an extended rulebook that explains everything in detail with lots of really helpful diagrams and examples.

Season 1 is available for free on our website, but only comes with basic black & white components, and no miniatures. If you want the full color version with all miniatures, then you can find them on WargameVault.

Season 2 is going to be released on Patreon this month, and we’re going to be adding new warbands every month unit there are 3 new warbands for each game. The season will also feature new hex-boards, common assets, etc.

We are planning to release Season 2 to the public at the beginning of next year, and after that a new season will be released every 6 months.

These are some of the most fun games we’ve made, with the high level of customization and quick gameplay making for a very addictive loop. We can’t wait to see more people play them and share their own crazy combos!

Check out the games here:

October Painting Competition

This month we’re going to be running our very first painting competition!

RULES: Paint 1 model from our September release and share a high resolution picture of it on one of our social media channels:

  • OPR Community on Facebook
  • Instagram with #onepagerules
  • Twitter with @onepagerules
  • Discord with @onepageanon


PRIZE: The community will vote for the best looking submission, and the winner will get one FREE month on Patreon at Tier 3 (handled via refund).

NOTE: The miniatures should be painted by you, no commissions allowed. By entering the contest you give OPR permission to share the submitted pictures on our social media platforms.

Happy Painting!

Note: Since this is the first time we’re running something like this it might get a bit weird and we might have to adjust things in the future, but overall it should be fun! 

Pre-Supports for 3D Models

In our continuous effort to provide you with more value every month, we’re happy to announce that from October on all of our 3D models will be pre-supported.

We know it sucks that we didn’t have pre-supported models for September, and we’re looking into ways to solve that from a logistical perspective, so that supporters can have both of our new armies fully pre-supported.

Right now we honestly don’t have enough sales from our old Sisters and Dwarf models to justify the cost of having them pre-supported, however if we see that demand goes up to the point where it’s financially viable, then we will definitely do it. :)

Battle Sisters Army Released

Over the past 6 months we’ve released a full Battle Sisters Army in collaboration with Garin from The Makers Cult, which came out looking pretty damn awesome.

We’ve had single units available for sale until now, but with lots of demand for the full army being available, we are more than happy to release the full army as a bundle.

The complete Battle Sisters Army is now available for sale as a bundle with a hefty 20% discount, and if you’re also a patron at Tier 3, then you will get an additional 20% discount on top!

Get the full army here:

FTL Fleet Builder

Warfleets: FTL was only released last week, but we already got some great new for you. Schnickers from our Discord/Forum put together a neat fleet builder, which allows you to quickly and easily put together your force.

All of the common assets as well as the faction specific assets are included, with unit stats using easy to read symbols to know what is what, and it even comes with a printing feature. Truly great work!

Check it out here:

Provide your feedback here:

Community Pages

If you’re new to the project make sure to check out all of our community pages, where you can get together with hundreds of other players to chat, share, play, and more!


That’s it for this week, but the new reveals for October are far from over, so stay tuned for a lot more awesome stuff to come your way. :D

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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