FTL Updates + Game Jam Today

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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a large update for Warfleets: FTL, the Game Jam #2 starts, a new collaboration with CobraMode, as well as some other stuff for you to dig into.

Let’s get to it!

Game Jam #2 Starts Today

Before we start, we wanted to remind everyone that the OPR Game Jam starts today!

The jam is going to start at the following times:

  • UK – 8PM BST Friday November 13th
  • USA East Coast – 3PM ET Friday November 13th
  • USA West Coast – Noon PT Friday November 13th
  • Europe – 9PM CET Friday November 13th
  • Japan – 4AM JST Saturday November 14th
  • Australia – 5AM AEST Saturday November 14th

The sign up is free, and you can join anytime before the 48hrs submission deadline, so don’t worry if you join a little late: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj2

When the jam begins we’ll be making a new post to reveal the theme, so watch out!

Warfleets: FTL Updates

FTL has been out for a few months now, and after a lot of exciting matches, playtesting and community feedback, we’ve now ready to release our first big patch for the game.

This update serves to address lots of balance issues across the board, making shooting overall a bit more reliable, and nerfing ramming to be less deadly. Overall we think this is a step in the right direction balance wise, but we’d like to remind everyone that the game is still in Early Access, so there may be bigger changes in the future.

Core Rules

  • Lowered number of objectives to D3+1
  • Lowered the Eva and Def value of all units by 1
  • Re-worked ramming to deal max. 2 damage
  • Blast range increased to 4″
  • Tsunami Cannon now has Ran 12″ and Acc 2, and may only be taken once per fleet
  • Re-named weapon upgrades with “Turret” in them to avoid confusion


  • Nomads – Clarified that Gravity Traps are placed when activated
  • Nomads – Clarified that System Overrider is for a single activation
  • Progenitors – Baryon Guns now have Acc 6
  • Progenitors – Neutron Cannons now have Acc 6 and Str 2
  • Xenos – Spike Launchers now have Acc 4 and Str 2

Dark Elves vs Lust Daemons Quickplay

Quickplay Armies are pre-made army lists designed to be ready to play out of the box, without the need to count point costs or create your own lists. They are the perfect thing to dip your toes into new armies and see if you like them!

With a new big box of fantasy models on the horizon, we thought it would be cool to create some quickplay armies for you to get your new models into the game ASAP. This set features the vicious Dark Elves vs the twisted Lust Daemons. Note that as part of this set we’ve updated the Dark Elves army to v2.6.

Dark Elves

  • 1x Snake Lady
  • 5x Snake Sisters
  • 5x Snake Sisters w/ Shard Halberds
  • 5x Winged Sisters w/ Javelins

Lust Daemons

  • 1x Champion of Lust w/ Ritual Hammer
  • 10x Lust Warriors
  • 10x Lust Beast Riders
  • 1x Razor-Flail Chariot

The Dark Elves in this set focus on bringing a lot of Snake Sisters supported by Winged Sisters and a hero. The list comes with solid ranged and melee options across the board, as well as a powerful Snake Lady which dashes out lots of AP(4) attacks.

The Lust Daemons on the other side focus on high speed, with both Lust Beast Riders and a Razor-Flail Chaiot. The list is great at strategic assaults to take out the enemy on the charge, and also comes with a solid core of Lust Warriors and a Champion of Lust to hold the line.

Collaboration with CobraMode

This month our friends at CobraMode were so kind to provide all of our Tier 2 patrons with some extra models as a free gift, with the Mazigh Raider and Hanzaki Ninja.

Tier 2 patrons can download them here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43388557

CobraMode is a small team that provides super stylish tabletop miniatures for wargames and RPG’s set in their own fantasy universe. They have a Patreon where they release new models every month, and patrons also get a 50% discount code to their MMF Store.

If that wasn’t enough, they also provide free 5e stats for each miniature, as well as a welcome pack, throwback minis, custom bases and more!

To help you get started with their awesome models, here’s a ~300pts quickplay list you can use to play with their Mikata Wetlands models in Age of Fantasy: Skirmish.

Mikata Wetlands (Ratmen)

  • Hikaga Sage – Warlock w/ Wizard(2)
  • Hanzaki Cavalry – Warlord on Gigantic Rat
  • Hanzaki Ninja – Night Scouts
  • Hikiga Artillery – Weapons Team w/ Poison Mortar
  • Hikaga Swordsman – Rat Ogre
  • Hikaga Bruiser – Rat Ogre

The Hanzaki Ninja is already available for free, so make sure to check out the army here.

Free Skeleton Warrior

Last week we released a free Assault Grunt on our Thingiverse page, so this week it’s time to release a beautiful fantasy model from our new line of miniatures.

Grab the free Skeleton Warrior here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4652194

AI vs AI Battle Report

Last but not least, Sad and Lonely Gamer has posted up a new Grimdark Future battle report, this time with two fully AI controlled armies facing off against each other. Definitely a very interesting match to check out!

That’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled for a new update later today in which we reveal the game jam theme with lots of details!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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