Gang Wars, Voting Time + More

3D Print, Game Jam, New Release, Painting Contest

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got you voting on a bunch of things, we’ve got a new expansion for you, some new renders, and even a new free 3D print model for you to check out.

Let’s get to it!

OPR Game Jam #2 Voting

First up, last weekend we ran our second ever OPR Game Jam, and it was great!

With over 60 participants and 21 games submitted, this was once again a super fun event of game design, creativity, and overall just coming up with fun ideas. :D

Now that the submissions are in, it’s time to vote:

Voting will be open until Sunday 22nd of November, so be fast!

Make sure to read and vote on as many entries as you can, and if you want to chat with the designers or even give the games a try on Roll20 or TTS, then join our Discord, where we have a dedicated Game Jam channel.

Join here:

November Painting Contest Voting

As if that wasn’t enough, we also need you to vote for the November painting contest. :D

Check out all 12 painters and vote here:

Voting will be open until Thursday the 26th of November, and you can vote for multiple painters too, so don’t hold back!

GFF: Gang Wars is coming!

It seems that not a month goes by without us revealing some cool new thing, so here we go again with a brand new expansions for Grimdark Future: Firefight with Gang Wars!

So, what exactly is Gang Wars?

Gang Wars is an expansion for GFF that provides additional rules for violent gang combat in the streets of the dangerous and futuristic Hive City.

The rules are designed to be used both for one-off matches as well as for linked campaigns, and they can be played with any armies, although we recommend using Gangs of Hive City.

This is a standalone expansion, so you just need the free core rules and army lists that are available on the website, however you can also use the extra rules from the Full Rulebook to further expand your games.

The expansion’s campaign rules are based off the core campaign rules, however they come with a ton of extra content that add new layers to your GFF campaign experience.

In linked campaigns gangs will fight over city blocks and special locations, with an expanded roster of new skills and equipment, as well as a lot of other surprises. If you just want to play one-off games don’t worry though, most of the stuff can be used for single matches as well, such as 12 brand new missions and urban terrain rules.

Right now all of the following content is being added to the game, however there are even more systems that we’re playing around with, so you might get even more stuff in the end!

  • Campaign Rules
  • New Skill Traits
  • Hive City Armory
  • Territory Control Rules
  • Gang Turf Exploration
  • 12 New Missions
  • Urban Terrain Rules
  • City Fighting Rules
  • Critical Hits Rules
  • 36 New Random Events

Gang Wars is currently in early access on Patreon, with new content being added every week, and we’re hoping to have the first completed draft by the end of the month.

If everything goes well, then we’ll keep the game for a little while longer in early access, after which it will be removed and be available for sale in our WargameVault store.

This has been a blast to design, and we can’t wait to see people’s reactions once it’s out!

Grab your copy in early access here:

New November Renders

This month has been extremely busy, so it’s been a bit slow for us to get renders of all the models done, but we’re happy to say that we’ve now got renders for almost all models!

Check them out:

Free Shooter Grunt

November seems to already be the month of giving for OPR, and today we’ve released our 3rd free model this month on our Thingiverse page, which is now getting packed!

Grab the free Shooter Grunt here:

That’s it for today, tune in next week for the voting results for the game jam and the painting contest, as well as more awesome news about all things OPR. :D

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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