Quick Update – Better Late Than Never

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Hi everyone,

Things have been a little crazy over the past week, and we’re sorry that Friday’s update is only being posted now, but at least we’ve got a bunch of cool stuff for you.

Let’s get to it!

Game Jam #2 Results

Just a few weeks ago we ran our second ever OPR Game Jam, which was pretty awesome, with over 60 participants and 21 submitted games, we’re very happy with how it went!

The theme for the jam was SYNERGY, and it was really cool to see in how many different ways designers were able to approach the concept and take it in different directions.

Check out all of the submissions: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj2/entries

Check out the voting results: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj2/results

All of the submissions were really awesome, and honestly it was really hard to not just give everyone a 5 star rating across the board. In any case, here are some of our favorite games:

  • O.R.B.I.T. Link – This one might be one of my favorites simply because I’m a huge fan of Titanfall, and it’s a game that combines mech and infantry combat in a very elegant way. This could easily be re-worked into a full standalone game. :D
  • Android Racing Circuit – This is a fast-paced racing game that has racers running laps whilst trying to get control of a cyberball. Even includes a dexterity game for pit stops, which is just absolutely awesome!
  • Synergistic Outcomes – Android Netrunner: The Miniatures Game. Never thought I’d see such a cool take on the concept of a hacking game, and it comes with a huge number of Programs and ICE to boot.

Thanks everyone for participating, make sure to sign up for OPR Game Jam #3 which will take place in May 2021, and maybe there will also be a new writing jam in the meantime…

November Painting Contest Winners

This month we ran a Painting Contest, asking participants to paint any model from our October release and now the community voting results are in!

The winners are:

  • 1st Place with Most Votes: Sebastian Paints
  • Random Draw: Russintexas

Congratulations to both, who have won one free month at Tier 3 on Patreon!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and we’re hoping to see your entries again in next month’s painting competition. :)

In order to spice things up, starting next month we’re going to have 3 winners as per voting, but also 1 random participant will have the chance of winning a free month as well!

Black Friday DealLast Chance!

Today is the last day of our Black Friday sale on MMF, and you can now get 50% off everything in our MMF store by using code OPRFRIDAY:

Make sure to grab what you want before it’s too late!

Grimdark Future: Arena – Season 2 Complete

This month we released a new pack of amazing 2D print models for the Machine Cult, and with it we’ve also released all of the warband assets for arena.

Now that all 3 armies have been added season 2 is complete, which has made the game truly come together, as there are now tons of warbands, tactics boards, upgrade cards and hex-arenas to play with!

Get season 2 on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/onepagerules

Season 2 will remain exclusively on Patreon until the end of December, after which it will be removed and sold separately at a higher price, so make sure to join now (and get tons of other stuff too)!

FTL – Nomads Release

In other 2D printing news, this month we also released the Nomads fleet, which looks absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait to see people play with it at home!

The Nomads are only available on Patreon until tonight, after which they will be sold separately on WGV/DTRPG like our other fleets. :)

Free Mummy

Just when you thought that OPR was done giving things out for free, here we go with our 4th free model in this month alone, which you can get on our Thingiverse page!

Grab the free Mummy here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4666194

December Releases on Patreon

With the latest batch of our Alien Hives and Mummified Undead models, we are going to take a break from those armies to start releasing two new ones as voted by the community: Robot Legions & Saurians!

Right now we’re still working out the details, but for each army you can expect 1-2 heroes, 5 infantry models and 3 large infantry or cavalry models. As soon as we have more info we’ll let you know.

On top of that we’re also going to have a new collaboration coming (more on that in the coming weeks), and we’re currently trying to get another FTL fleet done in December. Unfortunately due to personal reasons there have been some delays with the spaceships, and we can’t promise that there will be a new fleet in December, so we recommend waiting for more news if you’re subscribing specifically for the fleets.

Then aside from that there’s going to be Gang Wars, Jakob’s Path, AoF: Arena Season 2, and a ton of new and exciting paper models coming at you. December will be awesome! :D

As a teaser, here are some early concepts for our Robot Legions army:

That’s it for today, November has been a rough month for us, but we’re hoping to get back on track in December, and make sure everyone gets something cool in the holiday period. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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