Quick Post before the Weekend

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Hi everyone,

Today I’ve just got a quick post for you, going over some army updates, as well as some new releases, plus a new painting tutorial. :)

Let’s get to it!

Army Updates

Today we’ve updated the Ghostly Undead army, giving it a complete makeover, and making it one of the most fun armies that we have in the game now. If you’ve had some interest in playing Ghostly Undead before, but didn’t enjoy their gameplay that much, then we highly recommend you take a look at this new and improved version!

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Added new units: Coach Chariot, Ghost Chariot
  • Sands of Time now gives the hero and her unit Regeneration
  • The Reap rule now deals additional wounds on defense rolls of 1
  • Mounted Reapers now have 6 attacks and can upgrade with Spectral Touch
  • Ghost Knights can now be upgraded with Stolen Time and Ghostly Overseer
  • Executioners can now be upgraded with Fear
  • Banshees now have Quality 3+ as well as Ambush and Chilling
  • Wraiths now have Quality 3+ as well as Ambush and Reap
  • Scythed Ghosts now have the Chilling rule
  • Revenants now have the Whirl rule
  • Mourner Banshees now have the Poison and Chilling rules
  • Ghost Swarms now have Quality 4+
  • Hexed Knights now have Flying and Spectral Touch
  • Dread Knights now have Quality 3+ and AP(1)

Note that since some units from the Ghostly Undead cross over to the Vampiric Undead, we have updated them as well in order to reflect these new rules.

Saurians on Etsy

Every week we’re adding a new army on our Etsy store, and now you can buy physical prints of our Robot Legions models here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/onepagerules

The models come in one piece, so no assembly is required. We also charge a fixed shipping price, regardless of how many models you order!

Note that due to some bugs in the system, a few of the units are currently missing, but they will be added ASAP. :)

Patreon News

This week we released a new set of paper miniatures with the TAO Coalition, and they came out looking gorgeous! This is one of our bigger releases, with a bunch of models to customize your army and create interesting lists.

Additionally we have also released two new sets of Game Aids for the Dwarves and the Battle Sisters, which feature themed rulers, dice and objective markers (with beer barrels and weapon caches counting from 1 to 6).

Painting Tutorial

Last but not least, here’s a new video showing off how to paint one of our Robot Flesh-Eaters. Make sure to subscribe to Paintman Journeying for more painting tutorials, featuring the official OPR models!

That’s it from me today, have a nice weekend everyone! :D

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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