Small Update

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Hi everyone,

Today I’ve just got a quick update for you, with some new rules for the Rebel Guerrillas as well as some other news regarding Patreon releases and such. The end of the month is always a big rush of preparing things for the next release, so I haven’t had a ton of time to work on Sellswords, but am hoping to be able to give more info soon.

Let’s get to it!

Rebel Guerrillas Updates

The Rebel Guerrillas are one of those armies that was not busted in any way, but that definitely needed some more love, so this week we’ve given it an overhaul.

The general idea was that we added spotters and pioneers to give some interesting tactical options, added veterans to give access to higher quality for mainline troops, vehicles now have the option to be more durable without being too heavy and finally light walkers now have lots more options to give more versatility to the unit.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Added new units: Spotters, Pioneers, Veterans
  • Commanders can now take the Dug In rule
  • Psychics now have access to more upgrades
  • All vehicles now have access to Heavy Plating
  • Light Walkers have new weapon upgrade options

March Painting Contest – Voting

The submissions for the March painting contest are in, and now it’s time to vote. You can find full-sized pictures of the submissions, as well as a link for the voting by going here.

Battle Sisters on Etsy

Every week we’re adding a new army on our Etsy store, and now you can buy physical prints of our Battle Sisters models here:

The models come in one piece, so no assembly is required. We also charge a fixed shipping price, regardless of how many models you order!

Note that due to some bugs in the system, a few of the units are currently missing, but they will be added ASAP. :)

April Previews + Roadmap

It’s crazy that another month is already over, so now it’s time to check out the previews of what we have in store for you for next month:

New Painting Tutorial

Last but not least, here’s a new video showing off how to paint our Frog-Mage. Make sure to subscribe for more painting tutorials, featuring the official OPR models!

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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