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Hi everyone,

This week has been yet again super busy, as we’ve celebrated OPR’s 7 year anniversary!

Apart from that I’ve been working hard on more games stuff, and I’m currently re-working the AI rules, plus some exciting new gaming content for all of our games which will be released on Patreon every month. With the re-working of the AI rules I’m also looking into adding a version of the AI rules for FTL as well, plus maybe some campaign rules too.

Anyways, more about all that stuff soon, now on to the update!

Ogres Update

Continuing with our weekly army updates, this week we’ve re-worked the Ogres army list.

The goals of this update are to make hunters and special units more interesting, as well as making the monsters and chariots more customizable to avoid wasted costs. I don’t think it’s a huge change, especially when compared to other armies we’ve recently updated, but I think that these small tweaks will help make the army more interesting and some of the heavier units more playable.

Here’s all the updates:

  • Added new unit: Hunters
  • Warchief and Champion have 2 new unit buffing rules
  • Hunt Master now has Ambush and Hunter
  • Shaman’s Fire Blessing is now a unit buffing rule
  • Iron Warriors now have Stone Bones (which gives AP-1 now)
  • Devourers now have the Devour rule
  • Giant Bison now has 6 attacks and re-worked upgrades
  • Ice Mammoth now has Frost and re-worked upgrades
  • Re-worked chariots into a single Heavy Chariot unit

Unit & Army Templates

Since we shared the point calculator via Patreon, we made some unit and army templates available for players to be able to put together their armies more easily. However, we’ve also been getting a lot of requests from other players, who would like to use a template simply to organize their lists better, and unit cards to have cool game aids on the table.

Well, it’s time to rejoice everyone, because we’ve just added both the army templates and the unit card templates to the expansions folder for each game. Just follow the links on the game pages to access these and enjoy. :)

New 2D Minis – Artisans Gang

This week we shared a new set of awesome 2D models on Patreon, check them out!

New Battle Reports

First off, we’ve got an insane 13,000pts battle report from Wyloch’s Armory, showcasing some massive Titan Lords duking it out for glory!

Then we’ve got a solo battle report by Sad and Lonely Gamer, who is testing out a variant of the AI rules which uses cards to randomize activations, definitely worth checking out!

That’s it for today, not a huge update, but full of cool stuff. See you again next week. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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