Fantasy Army Updates + New Loyalty Rewards

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Hi everyone,

This has been a very exciting week, with lots of new Patreon stuff coming, but also with some important rules updates for some of the armies. Outside of that we’ve got lots of video content for you this week, so check it out!

Age of Fantasy – Harpoons Removed

I’ve been debating for a while what to do with Harpoons in AoF, and long story short: I’ve removed them.

Harpoons were added when we did a big balance pass on both AoF and GF, and they were supposed to fill in the same role as a Fusion Rifle or Rocket Launcher from GF. Whilst the intentions were good, I think that they failed to find a niche for themselves (Great Weapons are better at killing monsters), and that they lead to unintended combos (Sergeants with Harpoons Hitting on 2+ was definitely not intended).

So yeah, Harpoons are gone. If you don’t want to re-print your army lists there’s no need, simply strike out the Harpoon option from all your unit upgrades, and it’s done. :)

Other Army Updates

Today I’ve also uploaded some new versions of the Dark Elves, Halflings and Ratmen for AoF, which add a new Takedown rule to their Assassins. Until now Assassins didn’t feel like they really filled their role properly, and I’m hoping that the Takedown rule gives them the right edge they need to take out Heroes and Special Weapons.

Apart from that I’ve also updated the Havoc Brother Disciples for GF, adding a new Twin Plague Flamethrower upgrade for the Lord of Plague. Not much else to say, go out there and burn the non-believers!

New Loyalty Reward Models + Rules

This week we’ve released our very first loyalty reward models with the Dread Behemoth and the Chained Tyrant!

These spectacular models are absolutely massive (the Dread Behemoth is over 20in / 50cm long), and are given out for free to all supporters that stick with us for 3 consecutive months. The models will only be available on Patreon until June, after which they will be on MMF at a much higher price.

To go with the models we’ve also added rules for them in the Saurians and Robot Legions army lists, so check them out. :D

2D Sky-City Dwarves Available Now

This week we released some awesome new 2D print models, which you can get on Patreon.

Battle Reports (German w/ hilarious auto-generated subtitles)

Hobby Videos

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoy all of the army updates and hobby videos. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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