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Game Jam, Game Update, Video Content

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got just a quick update for you, with the results of our latest game jam, a few army updates, and a bunch of new gameplay videos for you to check out.

Let’s get to it!

Game Jam #3 Results

Two weeks ago we ran our third ever game jam, which was pretty great. With 15 game submissions, it’s nice to see a lot of new faces taking part in the jam and get together as a community to be creative.

Congratulations to the top 3 rated games:

  1. Showdown at Bone Orchard by EccentricOwl
  2. SK8H8 by Baarfa
  3. Hot Plasma by Studio Picante

See all submissions here: https://itch.io/jam/oprgj3/entries

We’ll be back with the 4th edition in November, and you can sign up here!

Thanks for participating everyone! :D

New Army Updates

Today we’ve got a substantial update for the Alien Hives army, as well as some minor updates for the Duchies of Vinci and the Soul-Snatcher Cults.

We felt that the Alien Hives is a fun army to play, however they were a bit underpowered once they get into melee, so we wanted to fix that. We also felt that their large Tough(18) monsters were really cool to have on the table, but severely underperformed for being such huge units. Additionally we also added a few new bits here and there, just to spice up some of the units we felt were a little boring.

Alien Hives

  • All units have more melee attacks across the board
  • Snatcher Lords now have Tough(6)
  • Shadow hunters are now Quality 3+
  • Hive Swarms now have Poison
  • Synapse floaters now have Stealth and a ranged attack
  • Hive guardians now have Relentless
  • Grunts can now replace ANY Razor Claws
  • All monsters with Tough(18) now have Quality 3+
  • All monster ranged weapons now have more attacks
  • Carnivo-Rex now have a Vicious Jaws attack
  • Toxico-Rex now have Shrouding Mist and Stealth
  • Psycho-Rex now have Regeneration, Stealth and a ranged attack
  • Spawning Beasts can now choose to spawn Hive Swarms
  • Pheromones now allow units to auto-pass morale tests by taking wounds

Soul-Snatcher Cults

  • Added new unit: Snatcher Veteran
  • Snatcher Lords now have Tough(6)
  • Soul-Snatchers now have more attacks

Duchies of Vinci

  • Aerea Guard can now take 2x Claw Gauntlets
  • Aerea Slingshot now has Deadly(3)

New Warfleets: FTL Bundle

After getting a few requests for it, we’ve finally created a new bundle for Warfleets: FTL, which contains the full rulebook, all 6 fleets, as well as our space terrain. This bundle comes with a 30% discount, and you can buy it on WGV / DTRPG.

Check it out by CLICKING HERE. :)

New Video Content

That’s it for today, just a quick update. Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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