June Kick-Off Update

3D Print, New Release, Physical Minis

Hi everyone,

With the start of a new month we’ve got loads of new stuff that we released for all of you, so if you are in it for the missions, for the minis, or just for the heck of it, we’ve got you!

New Mission Packs

The June mission pack has been released on Patreon, with 4 brand new missions:

  • Grimdark Future – Psychic Nightmare
  • GF: Firefight – Frozen Wasteland
  • Age of Fantasy – Forbidden Forest
  • AoF: Skirmish – Ring of Fire

These missions are focused on fun new ways to play, with interesting objectives and special rules to spice things up. We release new missions every month, so make sure to stick around so that you don’t miss any.

Note that whilst the missions are designed for each specific game, you can totally play them with the rules for any other game (with slight adjustments). This means that you have even more missions to play each month!

New Miniatures on Etsy

Don’t care for 2D printing or 3D printing? Well then we’ve got you covered, because now all of the minis we released in May have been uploaded to our Etsy Store.

New Patreon Release

For those of you that are into 3D printing (or that want to know what will be on Etsy next month), make sure to check out our full June Release Overview.

That’s it for this update, have a nice weekend everyone!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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