New Units, Quickplay Armies, Video Content

Game Update, Quickplay Armies, Video Content

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got just a quick update with some new units, some quickplay armies for a “dominant” starter set, as well as a bunch of new video content for you to enjoy. :D

Let’s get to it!

New Units Released

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our army rosters, so today we’ve made a bunch of new changes to some of the armies, allowing you to field a whole load of new units. If you’ve recently bought a fantasy starter box make sure to check out the next section, where we show you how you can play with it now. :D

GF – Battle Sisters

  • Added new units: Sacrosanct Sisters, Paragon Sisters

AoF – High Elves

  • Elf Princes can now be upgraded with Great Banners and Beast Mounts
  • Mages can now be mounted on Magic Clouds
  • Elites can now take Great Axes and Great Hammers
  • Light Cavalry can now be upgraded with Beast Mounts

AoF – Eternal Wardens

  • Re-worked heroes and upgrades
  • Removed a few obsolete upgrades
  • Howl now has a range of 18″

AoF – Orcs

  • Added new Scary Banner upgrade for heroes
  • Added new Great Beast mount for heroes
  • Orcs can now take Scary Shields
  • Shooters can now take Crossbows

AoF – Goblins

  • Added new unit: Hobgoblins

Quickplay Armies – Eternal Wardens vs Orcs & Goblins

If you got yourself a brand new set of Eternal Wardens and Orcs & Goblin armies, then it’s time to see what they’re capable of on the tabletop with these quickplay armies!

Eternal Wardens

  • 1x Mage Warden
  • 5x Liberators w/ Spears
  • 3x Decimators
  • 3x Retributors

Orcs & Goblins

  • 1x Boss w/ Lance & Great Beast
  • 1x Boss w/ Scary Banner
  • 1x Boss w/ 2x Hand Weapons & WAR!
  • 1x Shaman w/ Wizard(2)
  • 10x Orcs w/ Scary Shields
  • 10x Hobgoblins w/ Scrap Grenades
  • 3x Orc Shooters w/ Crossbows

Note that due to how powerful the Eternal Wardens are, it was not possible to include more of their models whilst still keeping a balanced match up against the Orcs & Goblins.

Video Content

That’s it for today, just a quick update. See you next week. :D

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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