Small Update

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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got just a small update, with some new units for the Gangs of Hive City, an army building challenge, a 2D minis jam, and of course a new video. :)

New Gang Units

In preparation for next month’s 2D gang release, we’ve decided to take a pass at the Cannibals Gang, because it felt a little neglected in comparison to some of the others.

If you download the latest version, you’ll find a couple of new units, which should definitely spice up your gang. There’s the new Harvester hero, which can be equipped with some crazy strong weapons, as well as a new mascot for them with the Crazed Hog, which we imagine as being super cute (despite its name).

New units added: Harvester, Expert Skinner, Berserker, Crazed Hog

Badger Bodges’ Army Challenge

Just the other day we stumbled upon an awesome community initiative started over on the OPR Facebook Group, and thought it was worth sharing it with everyone here.

Badger Bodges is hosting an OPR army building challenge, in which you have until September 16th to make a full 3000pts army for GF or AoF, for £55 / $90 or less!

Check out the original post here and get to building. :D

Hairic’s Paper Miniature Jam

Here’s another thing we stumbled upon that was made by the community for the community, and it was just too cool not to share!

Hairic Lilred is hosting a paper miniature jam starting on July 30th, where participants must create one or more paper miniatures for RPGs or wargames. Any experience level is welcome, so don’t be shy and join. :)

Sign up for the paper minis jam here:

New Painting Video

That’s it for this week, have a nice weekend everyone! :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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