Lots of Army Updates + New Videos

Game Update, Video Content

Hi everyone,

Today’s update is quite simple, focus on army updates across all games, as well as new v2.50 updates. There’s also a ton of new battle report videos for you to check out. :)

Let’s get to it!

Gangs of Hive City Updates

We don’t get a lot of chances to update the Gangs of Hive City, but after a long hiatus we are back at giving them a fresh coat of paint. Some unit names have been updated across the Cult and Hidden factions, plus we added 3 new units for each as well. We also noticed that the Artisans were missing rules for their Cyber-Spider mascot, so we added those.

The Cult

  • Updated unit names
  • Added new units: Firebrand, Deacon Fanatic, Great Vulture

The Hidden

  • Updated units names
  • Added new units: Night Ghoul, Psy-Squid, Cyber-Tentacle

The Artisans

  • Added new unit: Cyber-Spider

Army Updates

Aside from the Gangs of Hive City, a couple other armies have been updated to better reflect our new miniatures. The Duchies of Vinci got some new hero mounts, the Mummified Undead a new unit, and the Robot Legions a new upgrade option for the Tripod Robot.

Duchies of Vinci

  • Guard Captains can now be mounted on Automa Boars and Automa Birds
  • Added new Lance option for Guard Captains
  • Heavy Automa Cavalry are now armed with Lances

Mummified Undead

  • Added new unit: Giant Snakes

Robot Legions

  • Tripod Robots can now be upgraded to Tripod Queens

v2.50 Progress Update

Work on v2.50 keeps chugging along, with lots of new armies having been updated: Feudal Guard, Havoc Brothers, Havoc Brother Disciples, Human Inquisition, Infected Colonies and Rebel Guerrillas. The lists don’t have any points yet, but you can work those out with the Point Calculator that’s available on Patreon if you want. :)

Check out the beta army lists by clicking here.

Update: The link above is dead, check out the new lists in Army Forge: https://opr-army-forge.vercel.app/

New Video Content

That’s it for now, lots of army updates, hope you get to play this weekend. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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