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Hi everyone,

This last week has been really busy in the background, although we don’t have a lot to show for it in this update. Anyways, there are some updates for v2.50 and some new videos.

Let’s get to it!

Early Access Highlight: Sellswords

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working on our newest game, Sellswords, which has been available in Early Access on Patreon. The game has come a long way since we revealed it back in February, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight it again for those that joined us since then.

What is Sellswords you ask?

Sellswords is a solo/coop skirmish adventure game set in our fantasy universe, and it combines wargame elements with RPG elements to give you a truly unique experience that can be played with any fantasy miniatures you have!

Up to 4 players join together to form a band of sellswords, bold mercenaries hired to do all sorts of dangerous jobs, as well as a colorful variety of different companions, who set off on adventures fighting monsters, uncovering mysteries, and finding precious loot.

Each hero can be customized with a variety of stats, equipment and skills, giving you everything you need to create the perfect character for your miniatures. Throughout the game heroes will earn XP and level up their abilities, as well as potentially earn lasting injuries or even die if something goes terribly wrong (the world is a dangerous place).

To play the game you’ll need a small 2’x2′ space, as well as a handful of monster miniatures, which are controlled by the game’s AI. The game is designed with full miniature-agnosticism in mind, so you will be able to adapt the rules to fit whatever you have.

Right now the game is still in development, and as we progress we will be showing off different ways to play, from narrative campaigns to a full-fledged custom campaign creator. We know that many of you have been itching for a dungeon crawling RPG-like game for a while now, and we hope you’ll like it. :)

Support us on Patreon to access the early access draft, and get a ton more stuff as well.

v2.50 Progress Update

Work on v2.50 keeps chugging along, with two new armies having been updated: Machine Cult and Ratmen Clans. The lists don’t have any points yet, but you can work those out with the Point Calculator that’s available on Patreon if you want. :)

Check out the beta army lists by clicking here.

Update: The link above is dead, check out the new lists in Army Forge:

New Video Content

That’s it for now, make sure to check out Swllswords, and hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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