Game Jam

Hi everyone,

The OPR Game Jam #4 is now live, and the theme will be:


What does that mean you ask?

Redesigning Failure means to change the way that failure is usually handled in games, ideally giving players multiple incremental failure states, rather than an immediate death or game over.

This could be anything like a stealth game where you have multiple levels of detection (instead of being either detected or undetected), or a game where units get incrementally more damaged and lose abilities (instead of being either dead or alive), or maybe even a game where units are never fully killed, but only set back in some way (or maybe even get a balancing buff).

If you want to watch some videos talking about Redesigning Failure, check these out:

You now have 48hrs to design your game, and send in your submission by:

  • UK – 8PM GMT Sunday November 14th
  • USA East Coast – 3PM ET Sunday November 14th
  • USA West Coast – Noon PT Sunday November 14th
  • Europe – 9PM CET Sunday November 14th
  • Japan – 4AM JST Monday November 15th
  • Australia – 5AM AEST Monday November 15th

Check out the Game Jam page for more info on submissions:

Head over to our Discord server to share your ideas:

We want to remind everyone that the most important thing is to create a game that has interesting mechanics and an engaging core gameplay loop, and not a perfectly balanced grand strategy game.

You could focus on creating a small one-off encounter for example (like a rowdy bar fight, or an exciting airplane dogfight), or maybe make a game that follows a short linear story. Either way, just try to make something fun to play, regardless of its size. :)

Happy Designing!

– Gaetano

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