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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a super interesting update, with the community survey results, some info on v2.50 progress, a price review for only-games, and finally a ton of new videos.

Let’s get to it!

Community Survey Results

Over the last week we ran our bi-annual community survey, and the results are in. With over 600 responses, and over 250 messages to read, this has been the biggest survey to date, with some very interesting results.

There’s lots of stuff to go through, so we’ll try to keep this as brief as possible.

Which of these game ideas are you most interested in?

For this survey, we wanted to focus on giving players a selection of games to pick from that actually reflect things we are interested in making, rather than the much more open surveys of the past.

Nonetheless, the results are pretty similar to our last few surveys, with Skirmish Adventure RPGs, Small-Scale Battles, and Mech Combat being the strongest genres. We added a few extra options for fleet-style games, and were surprised to see so many votes for Large-Scale Ship Battles, which is cool.

How would you like to learn about OPR lore?

Note: When we first launched the survey, we forgot to add the Narrative Campaigns option, and only noticed after ~50 people already too the survey. Seeing the amount of votes it got, we suspect that it would probably have gotten ~40 more votes in the end.

When it comes to learning about OPR lore, it seems that we are mostly doing things right, with people preferring the Army Book Intros and Narrative Campaigns to get their lore. It’s also interesting to see that people would like to read Short Stories without them being tied to gameplay as well, so that’s definitely something that we’re going to explore in the future.

Which of the OPR games do you play?

Note: The survey also included all of the one-off games individually, but since less than 5% of people play those, we decided to cut them from the graph.

The played games results are as expected, with most people playing Grimdark Future, and AoF: Regiments being the least played game. It’s nice to see that a good chunk of people are playing Warfleets: FTL, which gives us confidence to keep expanding on the game and genre.

Do you play using OPR miniatures?

This was a very surprising result for us. Until now, every survey we did over the years has been predominantly answered by people that use other miniatures, and seeing that almost 70% of players are using OPR minis of some form is a huge shift.

This result is actually a big revelation, because it completely changes our perspective on the votes for the next two questions, and also what type of messages we received at the end.

Which Grimdark Future armies do you play?

Because around 60% of players that answered the survey are using official OPR minis, this has completely shifted the results of this question. Where usually Battle Brothers and HDF are at the top, we now have lots of Alien Hives and Robot Legions players.

This is very cool to see, but it does make things a little skewed. Our suspicion is that as we release more official OPR armies, those armies will be at the top of the chart.

Which Age of Fantasy armies do you play?

Same as above, due to the official OPR minis the chart is heavily skewed towards Mummified Undead and Saurians, with Duchies of Vinci and Beastmen also lunging forward. Just for reference, our usual top charters in the last few surveys were Humans, Goblins, Orcs and Vampiric Undead.

Which Warfleets: FTL factions do you play?

We sort of just threw this one in there without any expectations, but the results are very interesting. Whilst overall it’s quite balanced, most people seem to be playing Empire, Xenos and Marauders. It’s also cool to see that about 15% of people are playing Other factions, which we assume means they’re using the fleet creation rules from the core rules to play custom fleets.

Do you have any suggestions for things we should do with OPR (new games, armies, features, etc.)?

This is the big one. With over 250 messages, it’s impossible to write everything here, so we will bullet point the most important takeaways. Don’t worry, we read all of your messages, so even if you don’t see your feedback mentioned here, we are keeping it in mind. :)

  • Communication: There are still many players that are asking for content we already makes, which makes us think that our communication is still not on point. We’re going to be doing a big website update in the next 1-2 years, and are hoping that it will help consolidate everything and make content easier to discover.
  • Solo/Coop: Many players are asking for solo/coop content, which is very fitting, as Sellswords/Mercs are games specifically designed to fill that niche. We know that it’s been taking a long time to develop them, but we want to get them absolutely right before release, so they’ll be out when they’re ready.
  • Campaign System: A lot of you have asked for more campaign systems. We have plans for a large-scale campaign system, with map control and resources, as well as a skirmish-scale campaign system for fantasy, similar to Gang Wars. No ETA on those, but they’re in the plans.
  • Unit Creator: It seems that many players are still not aware that we already have a custom unit creator, which you can get on Patreon. In the next few months we’re going to further expand it, allowing you to build entire armies and share them with the community with ease.
  • Specific Armies/Settings: There are many requests for armies to cover specific settings, historicals, etc. and this is all going to be solved once the expanded army creator is available. The army creator is going to revolutionize what kind of armies you can play, and open up a new world for OPR.
  • List Builder: It also seems that many players don’t know that we already have a List Builder for v2.50 that replaces BattleScribe, and which will be expanded to cover all games. Don’t worry though, all armies will continue to be available as downloadable PDFs as well.
  • More FTL Content: We were surprised to see a huge amount of messages asking for more FTL content, from expanding the available armies, to releasing new expansions, as well as making more 3D models. We have great plans for FTL in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Physical Rulebooks: This is something players have been asking for a while, and we are on it. The physical rulebooks were originally supposed to be released in September, but due to some important grammar reviews and game changes that are coming soon, they have been put on hold. We are hoping to be able to provide them by early 2022, so don’t give up yet.
  • Paper Minis: The paper minis topic is quite large, and could warrant its own post, but we hear your concerns about wanting more paper minis options. The reality is that only ~5% of our players actually use paper minis, so it’s hard to commit a lot of resources to something that is barely used. Despite this, our new packs have more minis, with more poses, more weapon options and more heads, and we will keep expanding them.
  • Thank You’s: Finally, a lot of you have used the feedback space to just say thank you or give us compliments, which we highly appreciate. It’s very heart warming to read your kind words, and makes all of this hard work worth it.

Thank you everyone for taking the survey and providing your feedback, we still have a long road ahead of us, and hope that you’ll keep coming along for the ride! :)

v2.50 Progress

We know that since the release of GF v2.50 there has seemingly been a bit of radio silence on army updates, and some people have asked us if we stopped making game updates, so we thought it would be good to explain exactly what is happening.

First of all, the army updates are not stopped, and we update v2.50 on a weekly basis.

The reason why there have been no updates here in the news posts, is because right now the army lists are still in beta, and with that there are lots of changes all the time. Sometimes we change the same thing in multiple ways during the same week, and it’s simply not feasible to log all the changes here.

We’re also currently putting the addition of new units on hold, at least until things are more stable. We know that some of you have minis that are currently not represented in the rules, and we will add them in the future.

So don’t worry, we are still working on the games. Once the lists are stable, and v2.50 comes out of beta, the changes will not be as frequent anymore, and with that we will go back to our regular news posts updates with changelogs.

In the meantime, you can check out the v2.50 beta here.

Only-Games Price Updates

About a year ago, we launched our Physical Minis Store to buy models from, to make our armies accessible to all of those that don’t have a 3D printer. After a year, it is time for us to update our prices, and we want to be fully transparent about what is happening and why.

When we set out to do this, we tried to compete with the prices of plastic miniatures, because those are what people are most familiar with. Over the past year however it has become clear that producing high quality resin minis at our current margins is simply not sustainable.

There are many instances where we are basically giving out the miniatures for free, or where we actually have losses. Add to that the amount of time and effort that goes into managing the store, marketing the minis, and handling customer service, and things get messy.

So, with that in mind, we are currently updating the prices on our Only-Games Store. We still want to keep our minis accessible, and are only updating the prices of minis where necessary.

Overall this means that there is a price increase of about $1-$2 per infantry mini, and a bit more for larger minis. In order to ensure that we can give you the lowest price possible for different minis, we are also doing away with our fixed prices per unit types, which actually means that some minis are getting cheaper.

In order to try to offset this price increase, we are currently discussing with our manufacturer how we could provide free shipping, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more.

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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