GFF v2.50 (beta) Live + Lots of Videos!

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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a small, but very exciting update for you, with GFF v2.50 (beta) finally going live, as well as a bunch of new videos for you to check out.

Let’s get to it!

GFF v2.50 (beta) Live

At long last, GF: Firefight v2.50 is now available to play!

This development shows the real power of the new webapp tool, as these are are fully auto-generated, which means that whenever we make any changes to GF v2.50, they will be instantly available in GFF as well.

The way that the auto-generation works, is that the system looks at the GF army lists and then modifiers them according to some simple criteria, reducing units down to 1 model, removing vehicles, modifying special rules, and more. Basically, everything we used to do manually, is now auotmated!

This system is of course still in beta, and as such, you might find some weird things here and there, like special rules not having their intended GFF effects, pluralization of names being incorrect, and other small things like those. Please make sure to report your feedback on Discord, so that we can fix these.

In the meantime, we thought that it’d be good to give you an update on the AoF v2.50 progress.

Work has been a little slow on AoF towards the end of the year, but has picked up steadily again in January, with 11 armies having been ported to v2.50. There’s still 18 more armies to go, however since porting AoF to v2.50 is much faster now that we have a solid template on how to do it, we predict that it should only take about 4-6 weeks to complete, and fully implement in the WebApp. Once that is done, all of the AoF armies will be available for everyone to play, and after 1-2 weeks once all the basic bugs have been patched, we’ll also be making AoFS available. That means that in 5-8 weeks, all of the games will be on v2.50.

The changes to v2.50 are not as big for AoF as they were for GF, but there’s still some important things to note here and there. As we get closer to public release, we’ll make a detailed post going into the nitty gritty, and explaining what is changing, how, and why. As with all changes, there will be a short period of adjustment, but after that, you’ll be playing the most balanced version of AoF to date. :)

Anyway, that’s it for AoF news, now it’s time to go enjoy some GFF!

Build your lists here:

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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