Game Updates, Writing Jam, New Videos

Game Update, Video Content, Writing Jam

Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing some small but important game updates, we’ve got a ton of videos for you, and we’d like to remind you that the writing jam is happening today.

Let’s get to it!

Writing Jam Today

The writing jam is starting in just a few hours, get ready everyone!

The official OPR Writing Jam #4 is starting today at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, so make sure to sign up now. This is a 48hr story writing marathon, focused on writing one-page stories set in the OPR universe.

We’ll be back in a few hours with a new post, revealing the jam theme. :)

Sign up here:

General Rules Updates

Today we’ve released some small but important changes to the general game rules, as well as to the competitive rules. These changes should help balance out the game more, and tie in with the v2.50 beta.

General Rules

  • Fast units now move 8″ on Advance and 16″ on Rush/Charge actions
  • Most rules related to movement speed have been amended accordingly
  • Fire Breath was re-named to Breath Attack
  • Clarified stacking effects in the Basic/Full Rulebooks
  • Clarified the Covering Fire rule in the Full Rulebooks for GFF and AoFS
  • Clarified the Overwatch rule’s duration in all Full Rulebooks

Competitive Rules

  • Rule of 3 now scales with game size
  • Raised recommended game size to 300pts for GFF/AoFS
  • Only heroes with up to Tough(6) can now join units
  • Units that Ambush on the last round can’t seize/contest objectives
  • Clarified that Deadly wounds are resolved first
  • Tough(3) models now take up 3 transport slots each

New Video Content

That’s it for right now, see you in a few hours when the writing jam starts. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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