AoF: Skrimish v2.50 (beta) is live!

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Hi everyone,

Just gonna be a quick one today, and as the title suggests, you know what’s coming…

Let’s get to it!

AoF: Skrimish v2.50 (beta) is live!

After many months of people asking for it, AoF: Skirmish v2.50 is now ready for beta testing!

Just like the GFF lists, the AoFS lists are fully auto-generated by our new webapp tool, which means that whenever we make changes to AoF, they will be instantly available in AoFS too.

The way that the auto-generation works, is that the system looks at the AoF army lists and then modifies them according to some simple criteria, reducing units down to 1 model, removing artillery and monsters, modifying special rules, and more. Basically, everything we used to do manually, is now automated!

This system is of course still in beta, and as such, you might find some weird things here and there, like special rules not having their intended AoFS effects, pluralization of names being incorrect, and other small things like those. Please make sure to report your feedback on Discord, so that we can fix these.

Check them out:

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That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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