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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve updated the OPR WebApp with a new Grimdark Future army: the Jackals!

But who exactly are they?

“Jackals are a species of nomadic humanoid canines, which trade and scavenge for scrap to survive. Whilst their technology is not as advanced as that of other factions, they are clever and resourceful, making them formidable fighters.

In the far corner of the Sirius sector, large quantities of rare minerals were detected on a small arid planet known as Adusta. Many factions sent mining ships to harvest the precious resource, but couldn’t get through its thick asteroid belt, and crash-landed on the planet.

The Jackals were tribes in the early stages of their evolution when they found a crashed Robot Legions ship. This discovery led to a technological revolution for them, which helped them spread throughout the planet, and find more and more crashed ships which they turned into cities and trading posts.

Now the Jackals wander their planet and hitchhike through the galaxy, seeking adventure and knowledge alike.”

Some of you might recognize the Jackals from the TAO Coalition list, where they used to belong. We felt that the Jackals deserved some more love, so they have been removed from the TAO Coalition, and have been given their own army (but don’t worry, you can still ally them if you want).

Making them their own army has allowed us to really expand on them, giving them four times as many units, and adding a huge array of weapon options. The old Locusts from the TAO Coalition have also been bundled in with them, and have gotten some cool weapon options too. Oh, and adding more units also means that now the Jackals have access to two giant monsters, and even a titan… epic stuff. :D

If this got you excited and you’re looking for some models to play with them, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got a 3D printer, then tune in to our Patreon starting in May to get the Jackals (and much more), or if you want to buy the physical models check out our Only-Games starting in June.

We’re very excited about this new army, and can’t wait to see it in people’s hands!

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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