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Hi everyone,

May just started, and with it, we’ve got a new Patreon release!

This month we’ve got another wave of Saurians as well as our brand new Jackals faction. On top of that we’ve also got terrain, bases, game aids, rulebooks, and much much more. :)

This project was made by gamers for gamers, and can only exist thanks to the support of our awesome community. Please consider subscribing on Patreon, where you’ll get tons of extra games, models and more.

Thank you for your support!

New Mission Packs

In an effort to improve the value of Patreon Tier 1 subscriptions, we’re now going to be releasing 8 missions per month, with 4 new ones, plus 4 throwback ones from last year.

The latest mission pack has been released on Patreon, with 8 brand new missions:

  • Grimdark Future – Abyssal Rifts + Storm Clash
  • GF: Firefight – Failed Negotiations + The Dark Night
  • Age of Fantasy – Mystic Dawn + Blood & Glory
  • AoF: Skirmish – Eye of the Vortex + Ghost Panic

These missions are focused on fun new ways to play, with interesting objectives and special rules to spice things up. We release new missions every month, so make sure to stick around so that you don’t miss any.

Note that whilst the missions are designed for each specific game, you can totally play them with the rules for any other game (with slight adjustments). This means that you have even more missions to play each month!

New 2D Minis Released

The new Beastmen and Eternal Dynasty sets are available on Patreon.

These sets feature a ton of minis with front and back views in two different color schemes, as well as black & white. They also include black border versions of the minis, plus VTT tokens to play online.

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OPR Game Jam #4 – Join Now!

It’s almost time for the next game jam already, so make sure to save the date!

The OPR Game Jam is a 48hr game making marathon, focused on creating one-page miniatures games. The game jam runs from May 13th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, to May 15th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time.

Anyone can submit a game, and you may work alone or in teams. The games will then be judged by the public, and then we will highlight the top 3 voted games on the OPR website. There is no winner or prize, it’s all just for fun!

Sign up for the game jam here (it’s free):

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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