Hive City Gangs v2.50 + MMF Last Chance Models

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Hi everyone,

In just a few hours it’s time for the next game jam already, so make sure to sign up!

The OPR Game Jam is a 48hr game making marathon, focused on creating one-page miniatures games. The game jam runs from May 13th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time, to May 15th, at 8PM UK time / 3PM ET time.

Anyone can submit a game, and you may work alone or in teams. The games will then be judged by the public, and then we will highlight the top 3 voted games on the OPR website. There is no winner or prize, it’s all just for fun!

Sign up for the game jam here (it’s free):

Hive City Gangs v2.50 Available Now

At long last, the Hive City Gangs join the v2.50 beta!

Whilst the gangs have mostly remained the same as you know and love, there have also been some important chases to bring them more in line with the new beta balancing.

To help us with the balancing, we have actually primarily built them as GF lists, which are then auto-translated to GFF like every other army. This helps us ensure that they are treated equally, and also opens up the potential for having the gangs in GF at some point in the future (if players are interested).

Here are the most noticeable changes:

  • Rookies/Gangers are now Quality 5+ / Defense 5+ and Veterans are Quality 4+ / Defense 5+
  • Some units have been consolidated into the Champion profile
  • Hero buffs have been tweaked to be more in line with other v2.50 armies
  • Rookies and Gangers are now divided into a melee profile and a shooting profile
  • Veterans now have the Relentless special rule
  • Upgrade lists have been tweaked to be more specialized between units types
  • Weapons have been tweaked to reflect general v2.50 changes
  • Specialists have been tweaked to have more interesting special rules
  • Ogres have now been split into their own gang with unit tweaks

On paper this seems like a lot of changes, but in practice it’s mostly just shuffling things around and making sure they are in line with v2.50 changes. If you were already playing with Hive City Gangs before, you can expect everything to feel about the same, with a little more balance. :)

Check them out:

New Miniatures on Only-Games

Don’t care for 2D printing or 3D printing? Well then we’ve got you covered, because now all of the minis we released in April have been uploaded to our Only-Games Store.

MMF – Models Removed Soon

At the end of the month we’re going to permanently archive some of our oldest models on MMF, which don’t reflect our vision of OPR models anymore. If you want to buy the models, make sure to get them before the 31st of May!

The models are only going to be archived on MMF, so don’t worry, this means that if you bought the models, they will stay in your MMF library forever. The only thing that’s changing is that the models won’t be available for purchase anymore.

Here are the models that will be archived:

  • All Dwarf models (including Bases and Game Aids)
  • All Battle Sisters models (including Bases and Game Aids)
  • All of the Great Daemon models

Some of these models (such as the Bases and Game Aids) might come back in the future once we re-visit those armies, but otherwise we’re not planning on bringing them back.

New Video Content

That’s it for now, we’ll be back in a few hours to reveal the jam theme!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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