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Hi everyone,

This week has been fairly quiet, with most of the work being behind the scenes preparing next month’s release, so we don’t have a lot of stuff to show you with this update. In any case, we hope that you enjoy the new previews, and that they get you hyped for another awesome month with OPR! :)

Patreon Roadmap

This week we posted a roadmap detailing the next few army releases on Patreon, and things are looking awesome. In August you can look forward to the brand new Change Daemons, plus some new War Daemons and new Saurian Starhost models.

There are lots of new daemons (and more) coming in the next few months, so make sure to check out the roadmap for more info:

Concept Art Previews

Every month we release lots of new concept art, showcasing some of the stuff that is going to be released in the future. The best place to check it out is on Instagram, so make sure to follow us there to see all of the latest concepts for Plague Daemons, Change Daemons and Saurian Starhost:

Sirius Business – S01E08

Follow the adventures of Spoon & Tröt as they explore the Sirius Sector and beyond!

Check out previous episodes here:

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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