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Hi everyone,

Over the last few months, our weekly news updates have generally been a bit quiet, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not working hard at OPR. There’s a ton of content that we’re preparing for you, which is not ready for a full reveal yet, but here’s some highlights of what we’re working on:

  • v2.50 Beta – Whilst we’re not doing many public updates to the beta right now, there’s a ton of changes and fixes that are being prepared, all part of the general re-balancing of the games. You can expect changes to a few of the core special rules, as well as lots of changes to armies and units across the board, including re-balancing of the points system.
  • WebApp/ArmyForge – Our amazing dev team is still chipping away at our web companions, preparing all of the custom army creation tools for the fans. Once it’s ready, you will be able to create custom armies in no-time, and it will be amazing. We’re also working on an army generator for new players, so that they can start playing with pre-made balanced armies in just a few clicks.
  • Mission Packs – The mission packs have been exclusive to Patreon for almost 18 months now, but in the coming months, they’ll finally see public release. These packs will add a ton of new missions with interesting twists and turns added to your games.
  • New Full Rulebooks – This project is still in the planning stages, but we’re starting preliminary work on a new version of the Full Rulebooks, which will provide about double the amount of advanced rules from the current one. This will also come hand-in-hand with some minor changes to how our rules are organized, to streamline the experience.
  • New Expansions/Campaigns – Due to focus on other areas of the company, we’re not currently able to work on any additional expansions or campaigns right now. We hope that we’re able to get cracking on some new stuff in this department soon though.
  • GF: FTL – Work on the new FTL continues, with 2 new fleets being released on Patreon each month. So far things are going smoothly, and it seems that the game will be ready for full release in just a few months from now.
  • AoF: Sellswords – In contrast, unfortunately the Sellswords delays continue, as we’ve been far too busy with critical production pipeline improvements to dedicate the time to it that we wish we could. We’ll hopefully provide new updates soon.
  • Small-Scale Games – Just as with Sellswords, the small-scale games have been delayed, as well as the small-scale models. We’re confident that once things are back in check, the production on these will be relatively fast, so we’re excited to get back on them.
  • GF: WarMechs – Preliminary work on a mech combat game has started, but is at the super early stages. We don’t expect any updates for many many months, and it could be years before this game is ready, but we’re happy to finally start working on this long-expected game.
  • Army Backgrounds – The internal lore bibles have been completed, and we’re currently working on re-writing all of the army backgrounds for every faction across both settings. If everything goes according to plan, in a few months from now we’ll be releasing new army background lore every week, helping you get a better sense of what our settings are all about.
  • Short Stories – Our writing team has gotten into gear, and we’re finally churning out new short stories at a semi-consistent pace. Soon enough, we’ll be able to release short stories for you every month, giving you lots of fun stories to read, to help flesh out the setting further.
  • World Guides – The world guides are also still in the works. These are massive multi-team projects, which encompass a ton of art and writing, to bring you the definitive look into the core background of our settings. These are looking amazing, and unlike anything we ever released, so we can’t wait to show them off once they’re ready.
  • Comic Strips – With Sirius Business S01 coming to a close a few months back, we’re almost ready to reveal a new comic strip soon, this time for Age of Fantasy. This comic will give you a fun insight into the lore of our fantasy world, with amazing art by Pierre Mortel. Oh, and we’ll also be working on S02 of Sirius Business soon…
  • Concept Books – This is still super early in production, but we’ve started the planning of the OPR Concept Art books. The idea is to release a yearly booklet, which includes a ton of concept art and production insight for everything that we released over the past year. It’ll be very cool, and hopefully out in early 2023.
  • New Welcome Packs – With the beta hopefully coming to a close soon, we’re preparing new free welcome packs both for 2D and 3D printing, and maybe even physical print, which will serve as the perfect introduction to our games for new players.
  • New Merch Store – This has been something that people have been asking for a while now, and we’re almost ready to reveal our new merch store. We’re going to start off slow, with some basic t-shirts for you to grab, but are hoping to add more interesting t-shirts with cool art as well.
  • New Website – Work on our new website continues, and will probably still take quite a few months to complete. So far it’s looking really amazing, but there’s lots of problems we still need to solve (we have a TON of content to organize), so we still have a long road ahead of us.
  • New Wiki – The old wiki sucks, and fandom is a pain to work with, plus is covered in ads. We know that, and we’re working on a new wiki to fix all that. After some experimenting with different wikis, we’re going to be using the more standardized wiki format you know and love from other popular wikis, so that the transition will be smooth.
  • Volunteers Program – Did you know we’re working on a volunteers program as well? Yes, it’s still super early, but we’re looking into how to provide you guys with all the tools necessary to help spread the wargaming love in your community. The goal of the program is to help you out as much as possible, and we’ll be reaching out to you soon enough to collaborate on how to make it great.
  • Organized Events Support – As part of the same effort, we’re also looking to further support organized events, with lots of resources and tips for running events. We’re also working on event prize packs, so that you can have awesome goodies to go with your events.

As you can see, even though things are a bit quiet lately, it’s not because we’ve abandoned this project, but instead quite the contrary. We are very antsy to finally show all of this stuff off, and it’s super hard to see all this amazing content being prepared, and have to keep it from you for now.

We promise that as soon as it’s ready, you’ll get all of this awesome stuff, and have a great time with OPR! :D

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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