November Release + SQUIP!

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Hi everyone,

This month we’re kicking off our second web comic, this one set in the Age of Fantasy, and it’s called SQUIP!

SQUIP! follows the adventures of a squip merchant as he explores Tyria and beyond, and was created by the amazing Pierre Mortel. Today we’ve got a little teaser for you, and the plan is to post a new comic every week, until the season is over. After that, we’ll be happy to release more seasons of our comics, so stay put.

But now, behold, the first glimpse at SQUIP!

Free Models for Halloween!

As a special halloween gift we’ve created a themed plaguelings swarm, which you can get on Patreon. These models are absolutely free for everyone, so spread the word, tell your friends, share them around, and enjoy this Halloween treat (no trick, we promise).

Grab the models here:

November Release

This month we’ve got the last wave of Lust Daemons, the new Ratmen models, plus some Saurian Starhost models. On top of that we’ve also got the welcome pack, terrain, bases, game aids, rulebooks, and much much more. :)

This project was made by gamers for gamers, and can only exist thanks to the support of our awesome community. Please consider subscribing on Patreon, where you’ll get tons of extra games, models and more.

New GF: FTL Fleets Released

The Grimdark Future: FTL beta is now available on Patreon, and we’ve just added two new extra fleets!

This month the Havoc Brothers and High Elf Fleets have joined the battle, bringing us up to a total of 10 out of 16 fleets available to play. Check them out and make sure to leave us your feedback!

New Missions Released

The latest missions have been released on Patreon, with a total of 8 missions for you:

  • Grimdark Future – Psychic Storm + Excavation Site
  • GF: Firefight – Weapon Testing + Escort
  • Age of Fantasy – Raid & Pillage + Dark Realm
  • AoF: Skirmish – Fragile Garden + Sacrifice

These missions are focused on fun new ways to play, with interesting objectives and special rules to spice things up. We release new missions every month, so make sure to stick around so that you don’t miss any.

Note that whilst the missions are designed for each specific game, you can totally play them with the rules for any other game (with slight adjustments). This means that you have even more missions to play each month!

New 2D Minis Released

The new Mummified Undead and Robot Legion sets are available on Patreon.

These sets feature a ton of minis with front and back views in two different color schemes, as well as black & white. They also include black border versions of the minis, plus VTT tokens to play online.

New Miniatures on Only-Games

Don’t care for 2D printing or 3D printing? Well then we’ve got you covered, because now all of the minis we released in August have been uploaded to our Only-Games Store.

If you’re curious about buying pre-printed minis, make sure to check out this review:

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New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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