Grimdark Future Batrep – 500pts Dark Brothers vs Orc Marauders

Battle Report

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I posted anything new, so today I’d like to share a Grimdark Future batrep that was submitted by tat2artst. There’s always something awesome to reading people’s batreps as they show you how different people play the game.

If you’d like to submit your own batrep for everyone to see just shoot me an e-mail:


Dark Brothers vs. Orc Marauders 500 points

Reports of orc scavenger parties sighted in an abandoned imperial industrial sector. A small force of Dark Brothers has been dispatched to clear the area and secure any useful supplies.


Dark Brothers

  • Interrogator w/ energy sword
  • Shroud Speeder
  • Battle Brothers
  • Battle Brothers w/ Plasma Cannon

Deployment Dark Brothers 500pt.jpg

Orc Marauders

  • Warlord w/ energy fist, linked carbine
  • Orc Helicopter w/ linked rocket launcher
  • Boss Mob w/ 3 energy swords
  • Commando Orcs w/ heavy machinegun

Deployment Orc Marauders 500pt.jpg


Dark Brothers enter from the south, orcs deploy on the north.

The speeder starts its search in the northwest section. The commando orks secure and ammo cache in the centre ruins and the ork helicopter enters from the east.

Since my table is only 4’x4′ the non-scout units enter from their starting edge on the first round instead of deploying onto the field at the start.

The 3 objectives are:

  • Ammo cache in the centre ruins
  • Oil drum collection in southeast ruins
  • Oil drum collection near northwest tower

Deployment game start.jpg

Round 1:

Battle Brothers team 1 move into the southeast ruins discovering a pallet of oil drums (objective).

At that moment a scouting orc helicopter passes by and sees movement within the ruins, he flies around the corner to investigate. He finds the brothers and fires off his linked missile launcher. The blast is deadly and wipes out 3 brothers.

Round1 missile blast.jpg

Battle Brothers team 2 moves to the ruins to give team 1 support fire. The assault rifles only manage to scratch the paint but the plasma cannon nearly destroys the helicopter dealing it 3 wounds.

On the north side of the ruins the Orc Boss mob hears the sounds of a speeder nearby and charges forward, their viscous melee weapons tear through the speeder like paper. The speeder crashes and explodes into a ball of fire.

Round1 speeder down.jpg

Back at the southeast ruins the Dark Brothers interrogator charges at the orc helicopter, jumps into the air and delivers the final blow to the helicopter sending it crashing down into the ruins.

The Orc Warlord rushes south toward the sounds of explosions and the sneaky commando orcs remain in the central ruins securing a cache of ammo (objective).

Round1 end.jpg

Round 2:

With the southeast ruins cleared team 2 heads towards the centre ruins, unaware of wait awaits them.

The boss mob notices the black smoke emanating from the southeast they rush down the alley toward the ruins.

Round2 movement.jpg

The interrogator runs through the ruins to assist team 2.

The orc warlord creeps up to the corner of the centre ruins and spots the dark brother interrogator. He sprays him with bullets from his linked carbine but the bullets don’t penetrate the interrogators armour.

Round2 warlord shoots.jpg

Round2 end.jpg

Round 3:

Team 2 spots the boss mob charging down the alley and moves into firing position. The bullets rip through the alley and two boss mob orcs die.

The remaining boss mob continues its charge and reaches the brothers. Their energy swords shred the brothers’ armour. The brothers take three casualties in the assault and strike back wounding 2 of the orcs.

Interrogator charges over to save his remaining brothers striking at the orcs. His energy sword slices the remaining orc in half.

Round3 Interrogator slash.jpg

The orc warlord charges around the corner and heads straight for the remaining brothers. He slams his energy fist into them and crushes both of them with ease.

Round3 warlord crushes.jpg

Team 1 positions themselves in the southeast ruins doorway and fires upon the warlord as he rips apart their brothers’ remains. The bullets whiz by grazing his flesh, the warlord barely notices.

Round3 end.jpg

Round 4:

Interrogator turns and faces the beastly orc warlord, he dashes forward and unleashes a flurry of strikes. The energy sword tears through the orcs limbs dealing massive damage. The warlord attacks back striking the interrogator with a forceful blow dealing 3 wounds. both barely survive the clash.

Round4 duel.jpg

The warlord strikes again crushing the interrogator’s head, his body falls to the ground.

Round4 end.jpg

End of the game!

Both sides unsuccessful at claiming victory, the remaining units retreat to gather reinforcements to battle forth in the coming days.

OPR is back!


Hi everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I would like you all to know that OPR is back!

First off let me say that I am incredibly thankful for all of the support that you guys have given me over the past couple of months, and even though I remained quiet I have read all of your messages and they put a smile on my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you cannot imagine how much you guys mean to me!

So anyway, let’s get to business, as I’m sure that’s what you’ve all been waiting for.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking again and again that I should get back to the project, however I was extremely hesitant because of the way it affected me last time around. Before I started the Patreon I was already investing a lot of time in the project, and I thought that by starting the Patreon I would feel a bit better about the amount of time that I was investing in it.

That backfired however, as instead of feeling good with the amount of time I was investing, I started to feel the pressure to invest even more time in the project. By the end of it I was trying to have new updates every week, which meant that I was working during my lunch times, after work, during the weekend… constantly.

So if I want the project to move on, it has to change to give me some breathing room.

“How will you do that?” you ask curiously.

Easy, I’m working on a 2nd edition of all games.

“Are you crazy? Isn’t that going to take up even more of your time?” you say in shock.

Not really, no.

You see, what takes up the majority of my time is managing the army books, as I have to be constantly on top of all new model releases as well as fix anything that was wrong with any existing iterations of the books.

So in order to ease the pressure all Patreon backers that pledge $5+ will get access to the points calculation system. Not only that, but they will also have access to the 2nd edition beta and will be part of the development process on a secret forum.

Sounds exciting? It is!

This means that the most avid fans are going to be able to not only create rules for models which I haven’t had the time to make yet, but they will also be able to fully create their own custom armies. Who knows, maybe someone makes an army so awesome that we might eve make it official (*hint*).

We are going to create a completely new point calculation system, and with your help I will hopefully be able to catch any unbalances before things go out to the general public. This means that any new units that you create are not going to be compatible with the existing rules and armies, so don’t get things mixed up.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ll make a new post as soon as there is something else to announce, thanks again for all the support!






Taking a break from the project


Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed the releases have been slowing down over the past few weeks, and I have not been very active on the forums. That is because currently I am going through a very rough time in my personal life and I have not been able to focus any of my thoughts on this project.

For the past few weeks I’ve been battling with this thought, but now I have finally made a decision and I will be taking a break from the project.

This is purely based on the fact that I need to focus on myself right now and unfortunately for you fans it means that I won’t be spending my time thinking about this project anymore. I also want to be fully honest about this: at this point in time I am not sure how long I am going to be taking a break for or if I’ll ever be back.

In order to be fair to everyone that donated until now and to those that might donate in the future I have changed all of the descriptions on the website and patreon to reflect that donating doesn’t mean frequent project updates anymore. If you feel that for you this change doesn’t work please go ahead and remove your donation, I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

Everything else is staying as it is, the games will still be up on the website, the forum will keep being open, the slack channel will keep being available. If anyone new donates I will continue to give out forum ranks, access to slack and add names on the backer wall.

So yeah, unfortunately this is where I’m at with my life right now.

Hopefully one day everything will be better and I will come back to the project, if not forever then at least for one final time to release the infamous point calculation system (for those of you asking why I don’t release it right now: it’s basically all written very cryptically across multiple documents, with no work instructions as it’s mostly in my head, so making this thing actually usable would take a lot of time right now).

Thank you so much everyone for those that have been supporting my work this far and for those that will continue supporting my work in the future. May you have many exciting battles with your toy soldiers in your life!


Gaetano Ferrara


Campaign rules for Firefight & Skirmish

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been really busy lately so there haven’t been many updates, so here’s something new for you guys: Campaign Rules!

These are for both Grimdark Future: Firefight and for Age of Fantasy: Skirmish and they allow you to play multi-game campaigns with 2 or more players. They feature rules for building a warband, stringing games together, gaining experience, etc.

Additionally there are optional rules for things such as new secret objectives, random battlefield conditions and crazy events that happen throughout the game.

Give them a try!

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,



Prime Brothers vs. Plague Brothers

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hey everybody,

So as most of you know a nice big starter box with new models is coming out, and in preparation for its release we have a new update for which pits the Prime Brothers and the Plague Brothers against each other.

Because the contents of the starter set are not exactly balanced we have put together two quick army lists with roughly the same amount of points so that you can play right out of the box:

Prime Brothers

1x Prime Captain
1x Prime Lieutenant
5x Prime Brothers
5x Blaster Brothers
3x Jetpack Brothers

Plague Brothers

1x Lord of Plague + Plague Scythe + Destroyer Armor
1x Plague Psychic
1x Plague Bringer
20x Plague Walkers
7x Plague Brothers + Toxic + Plasma Rifle + Pistol & Energy Fist
1x Plague Drone

Additionally we have updated a couple of minor things:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brother Detachments
– Blood Brothers: fixed a typo in the Blood Walker upgrade list
– Custodian Brothers: fixed a typo in the Witch Hunter Sisters entry

Havoc Brothers
– The Dark Champion now has access to upgrade list A
– Fixed a typo in the Mutated Destroyers upgrade list

Age of Fantasy

– Animated Construcs can now be upgraded with Steam-Guns
– Added a new unit: Giant Construct

– Skirmish: Greatswords now come in groups of 3 and cost 35pts

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


Sky-Dwarves, Custodian Brothers & Lots More

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hey everyone,

It’s update time again! This time we are releasing 2 new armies as well as a whole host of updates for all of our core games. First a bit about the armies:

Sky-Dwarves are a special faction of dwarves that bring steam-powered ships on the table and generally play very differently from the other dwarf factions that we have. There’s some great models for them out right now, so they’re pretty exciting.

Custodian Brothers are a new detachment which has been requested for a while. They bring incredibly powerful armor to the fight and also have a nasty walker with them. Fluff wise they are interesting because they are the only detachment that still brings women to the fight.

Here’s all of today’s additions/changes to the rules:

Grimdark Future

– The Rending rule now deals wounds on 2+ instead of dealing automatic wounds

Battle Brother Detachments
– Slightly modified the Blood Walker upgrade list to make it more streamlined

Dark Elf Raiders
– Shield of Darkness now costs 5pts

Machine Cult
– Fixed the Canticles special rules so it’s effects are on 1-3 and 4-6

TAO Coalition
– Jackals can now be upgraded with CCWs (A2)

Age of Fantasy

– The Poison rule now deals wounds on 2+ instead of dealing automatic wounds
– Skirmish: Fixed the description of the Tough(x) special rule

– Added two new units: Steam-Power Suits and Animated Constructs
– Heroes mounted on War-Bears and Magma Dragons now ignore the Slow special rule

– Boss heroes now get the Inspiring special rule
– Fixed upgrade list A so that the Boss can be mounted on a Large Spider

Mummified Undead
– The High King can now be mounted on a Chariot or a War Sphinx

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


Galactic Mercenaries are ready for hire & more updates

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hello everyone,

The weekend is here so I’ll keep this one quick and easy. We have a new faction our for Grimdark Future with the Mercenaries. There are guns for hire that can be added to any faction, and include units for the Human Inquisition and Elven Jesters.

On the Age of Fantasy side we don’t have a new faction per-se, but instead a modification of an existing faction with new units. The Forces of Havoc have been re-named to be the Havoc Warriors, and there is a new book where you can find rules for Havoc Warrior Disciples. These include all sorts of cool new units such as the furious Gore Reavers, savage Birdmen, pestilent Plague Kings and crazed Lust Warriors.

As always we are also patching a couple of other things:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brother Detachments
– Fixed the price of the Dark Brothers upgrade for Destroyers

Machine Cult
– Added 2 new heroes: Vanguard Alpha, Stalker Chief
– Fixed the price of upgrade list D

Age of Fantasy

– Corrected upgrade list A so that weapons are A2 instead of A3
– Corrected upgrade list I so that you can replace one Rifle/Crossbow too

Rift Daemons
– Added 3 new mounts: Throne of Blood, Flamer Chariot, Razor-Flail Chariot

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


Titan Lords fall from the skies & Rift Daemons rise from the abyss

Age of Fantasy, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hello hello,

Today I am very excited to be bringing you 2 new armies from Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy, both of which are very unique:

The Titan Lords are interesting because all of their units are titans which pack some incredibly heavy weapons. They can either be taken as a stand alone army or as extra units for your existing army.

The Rift Daemons are a great addition because they are are integral part of the Age of Fantasy lore, so it’s great to be able to field this existential threat on the battlefield.

We’ve also updated some small things:

Age of Fantasy

– Sergeants now have +1 to melee or shooting rolls (pick one)

Wood Elves
– Fixed unicorns having the flying rule

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,


Wormhole Daemons, Wood Elves & More

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hello people,

It’s been a while since we posted something so we’re excited about this new release and the new armies people will be able to play with. With this update we are releasing two new armies:

Wormhole Daemons are servants of the havoc gods that come in many forms, none of them very nice to meet on the battlefield. This army offers a lot of variety with four distinct playstyles that can be easily combined.

Wood Elves are those elves that have been living in the great forest since the beginning of their race. They are loyal to the woods and all of their creatures, and bring them to battle in order to protect their territory.

There’s also a bunch of other small things that we are updating:

Grimdark Future

– clarified that linked works for both ranged and melee weapons

Battle Brother Detachments
– tactical master now gives defense +1 in melee or shooting

High Elf Fleets
– fixed typos

Alien Hives
– fixed typos
– added description for the feed rule

Alien Hives (Firefight)
– fixed the cost of razor claws in upgrade list K
– clarified the effects of the terror spell

TAO Coalition (Firefight)
– fixed sniper drones entry so that you must take a drone controller to get the sniper rule

Age of Fantasy

– fixed typos
– modified the phalanx rule, now you only take max. as many tests as models with phalanx in the defending unit

Eternal Wardens
– fixed typos

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,



Grimdark Future video tutorials by DragonMelon

Grimdark Future

Hey there,

Are you new to miniature wargaming? Have you tried to play Grimdark Future but would like to see it played to understand it better?

Then DragonMelon has got you covered!

He has uploaded a series of video tutorials up on youtube that cover all of the main rules as well as all special rules, all in short 2-3min videos. I have seen some of it and it’s pretty solid, and should be a great resource especially for new players.

Check out the videos here:

You can provide your feedback on the forums here: