Battle Sisters & Dark Elves are ready for action!

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hi everyone,

Today we are bringing back two awesomely aggressive armies, the Battle Sisters and the Dark Elves. There have been many new miniature makers that have released female warrior models in the past few years, and we are excited to see what kind of models people will be bringing to the table.

A quick overview of the factions:

Battle Sisters are the all-female answer to the god-king’s battle brothers. They don’t take crap from anybody and are ready to conquer the Sirius sector with their fiery weapons.

Dark Elves are a splinter-group of the elves that lives from piracy and torture. Their army has highly offensive units with a low defense value, so their playstyle is quick and dirty.

We also have some other updates, which you can see here:

– Clarified that units without melee weapons have 1 attack per model

Battle Brothers
– Added new unit: Artillery Cannon
– Fixed typos in a few upgrade lists

Havoc Brothers
– Re-worked the Mutated Destroyers weapon options to allow for more variety

TAO Coalition
– Added a Plasma Rifle to upgrade list A

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,



Machine Cult, Beastmen, new units and more…

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hey here,

Do you want to play a new army? How about two new armies? And what about some new units? Or even game fixes?

Boy do we have something for you!

Today we are releasing our latest two armies, the crazy Machine Cult and the scary Beastmen. These were some of our most requested armies so we are really happy to bring them back to the fray.

The Machine Cult is a strange faction of misguided humans that treat machines as holy and believe they can harness their spirit with pagan rituals. Their ranks consist mainly of human-machine hybrids and fanatics.

Beastmen are half-man / half-animal creatures that are the result of ancient wizardry, and their mission is to destroy advanced civilizations so that nature can take over the land again. Their ranks are made up of mostly light/medium infantry that can be deployed via ambush.

We have also updated a ton of miscellaneous stuff and added a couple of new units, so check it out:

– Re-worded the Psychic/Wizard special rule to make it clear when they can cast

Age of Fantasy and AoF:Regiments
– Units get AP(+2) when attacking Artillery in melee

GF: Firefight and AoF: Skirmish
– Changed the wording of the morale section to avoid confusion

Battle Brothers
– Fixed upgrade lists available to biker units

Havoc Brothers
– Removed the Repair special rule as no unit has it
– Crab Walker now has Regeneration

Robot Legions
– New unit was added: Nanobot Wraith-Shard
– Clarified that the Technomancer has Regeneration
– Fixed the letter for upgrade list I

TAO Coalition
– All drones are part of a single list now, their prices were updated and the amount of drones each squad can take has been lowered

Orc Marauders
– Warlord now has 1 extra melee attack
– Updated point costs of upgrade lists A and E

– Runemasters now have an option for rune tattoos to be in line with the fluff
– Iron Warriors now have the Shieldwall special rule
– New units added: Beast Riders, War-Bear Riders
– Dwarf lord now has the option to mount a War Bear

Vampiric Undead
– Fixed a typo for the Vampire Steed

Chivalrous Kingdoms & Humans
– Changed the wording on the Wildform spell to clarify it applies to melee

You can get the updates for each game here:

Happy Wargaming,



Large update: two new factions, lots of fixes and more…

Age of Fantasy, Double Tap, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish, Update

Hi everyone,

Today we bring you the first update to our new rules, which introduced two new factions, fixes a lot of mistakes, adds some new units, changes some names, and more.

The biggest thing is the addition of two new factions, so let me introduce them formally here:

Soul-Snatchers are evil aliens that invade planets covertly, infecting the local population and mutating them to fight for their cause. Their army mainly consists of infantry units that can scout into battle and have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Chivalrous Kingdoms are factions of religious fanatics that consider technology to be heresy and stick to the old fashioned way. Their army consists mostly of cavalry with the lance formation special rule, which makes them brutal on the charge.

There’s also a ton of other stuff that has been updated, so here’s a big list in bullet points for you to enjoy:


  • Re-phrased the modifiers section to make it clear that you roll 6+/4+ on a 7+ or higher, and not just on a 7+
  • Re-phrased the AP rule to make it easier to understand
  • Re-phrased the Furious rule to avoid confusion
  • Re-phrased the Sniper rule to avoid rules conflicts

GF: Firefight

  • Clarified that stunned units can’t seize objectives

Battle Brothers

  • Fixed some mistakes in vehicle upgrade lists G and H

Orc Marauders

  • Re-worked the Attack Beast entry in upgrade list B

Havoc Brothers

  • Mutated Destroyers are now Tough(3)
  • Havoc Brothers can now replace Assault Rifles for Pistols + CCWs
  • Units of Havoc Brothers can now replace only one Assault Rifle for a heavy weapon

TAO Coalition

  • Updated the costs of upgrade list A
  • Re-named “scouts” to “spotters” to be more thematic
  • Spotters now have the Scout special rule

Alien Hives

  • Added new “invasion spore” unit


  • Re-phrased the Frenzy rule to avoid confusion
  • Added a Great Weapons option for Black Orcs

Vampiric Undead

  • Re-named the wraith and banshee heroes to “ancient wraith” and “ancient banshee”
  • Added new “bone horror” unit

Double Tap

  • Fixed some minor text mistakes
  • Added a section on modifiers
  • Raised the game size to 75pts per side
  • Re-worded the shooting section to clarify what a block is
  • Clarified that reactions are for both movement and activations
  • Clarified that you can’t shoot as part of a move reaction
  • Clarified that you must move by 2″ when dodging
  • Changed the way ranges are displayed to make it easier to read
  • Added a Sword to the weapons list
  • Added the Stealth special rule
  • Modified how the Doctor special rule works to be more thematic
  • Modified the Martial Arts special rule to work both when acting and reacting
  • Modified the Sixth Sense special rule to be clearer

That’s it for now, you can get the updates for each game on their respective pages here:

Happy Wargaming,



Introducing Firefight & Skirmish

Age of Fantasy, Firefight, Grimdark Future, Skirmish

Hey again,

In our last two updates we focused on our large-battle games, so now it’s time to focus on our smaller skirmish games. Because both games run on essentially the same engine we are just going to make one post discussing what has changed in both of them.


What has changed?

As we already discussed in our last two posts the biggest change is the move from just having Quality to having Quality & Defense. We won’t bore you with the details again, but in case you missed our post talking about it you can go and check it out here.

Moving on there were two major things that we wanted to address in our skirmish games: hero abilities and morale tests.

In our old editions heroes had abilities that affected all friendly units within 3″, which led to a lot of confusion. It was unclear for example if you got a buff as you started activating within that zone, or if you got it as you moved into that zone. There were also a couple of instances where abilities didn’t really make sense following these restrictions.

In order to address that you now pick one unit within 3″ when the hero is activated, and the ability affects that unit until the end of the round. This way it’s easier to track which unit is affected by what, and you should be able to use your heroes more effectively.

The other thing that didn’t work as well as we wanted it to were morale tests and army routing. A lot of times it was unclear what happened when a special rule required you to take a morale test, and it felt very unfair that your entire army would rout based on a single failed roll.

In order to address this we now specify what happens when you fail a morale test in the morale section (unit gets -1 in melee and must spend it’s next activation idle). The rout test also works a little differently now: each model takes a morale test, and models rout individually. This way you don’t see entire armies fleeing at once, but single models running away as morale crumbles.

Other changes

Apart from those two things we also have a lot of smaller changes here and there, which you can see on this list:

  • The hero limit has changed to 1 hero for every 450pts.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • In units with multiple models they all have to be within 3″ of each other.
  • Heroes now allow friendly units within 6″ to re-roll results of 1 on rout tests.
  • All units are considered to be Infantry regardless of their model.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.

Campaign play

One of the coolest things about our skirmish games was that they each came with campaign rules to play interconnected missions with an epic narrative. Unfortunately we still haven’t had the time to re-work those for the new edition, so they are gone for now.

But don’t worry, as soon as we have time we will re-introduce campaigns into the game so that everyone can experience the madness! :)

That’s it… for now

With this post we have covered the main changes for our core games. Next time we will talk about our newest game Double Tap and what awaits us in the future…



Introducing Age of Fantasy

Age of Fantasy

Hi everyone,

So yesterday we introduced the changes to Grimdark Future, today we are bringing you a little update on what has changed of Age of Fantasy.


The Age of Fantasy

Age of Fantasy is the latest edition of our fantasy wargame, coming in two versions now:

  • Age of Fantasy – played with miniatures on round bases
  • Age of Fantasy: Regiments – played with miniatures movement trays

In order to make playing both versions as smooth as possible we have re-worked the balance of the armies so that the army lists are compatible with either. Additionally we have brought some more changes.

What has changed?

The biggest change is something we spoke about already yesterday, and that is the move from a single stat (Quality) to two stats (Quality & Defense). This change allows you to add more depth to the game without increasing complexity, and should allow us to make more interesting units in the future.

That’s probably the biggest thing you’ll have to get used to when playing both of these games, but there’s more. So onto the rest of the updates.

For Age of Fantasy, there isn’t much to say because we didn’t really have an equivalent game before. So I would recommend just trying it out, it’s Grimdark Future but fantasy.

For Age of Fantasy: Regiments here are the changes:

  • The unit type limits have been changed to 1 monster/chariot/artillery for every 250pts and 1 hero for every 500pts.
  • Players can only deploy across the long table edges.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • The game sequence has changed as is now alternating activations instead of alternating phases. We liked the phases system but it created too many issues and was overall too complex, so we cut it.
  • Unit speeds have been buffed a little to make the game a bit faster.
  • You don’t get a bonus to your melee results for charging a unit in the flank/rear, instead the bonus is inherent: units can only attack in their front facing, so if you charge a unit in its flank/rear you don’t get return strikes.
  • Heroes can join any infantry unit now, not only ones of same quality.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.
  • Spears now get the Phalanx rule (for cavalry they have Impact(1) instead), Halberds get AP(1), Great Weapons get AP(2), Lances get Impact(2).
  • Added some new special rules: Ambush, AP(X), Blast(X), Deadly, Phalanx, Slow.
  • The Nimble rule is gone, instead units with Fast can pivot twice.
  • Wizards now work differently, there is no more miscasting and you can’t dispel unless you have a psychic of your own.
  • Tough has changed: you must always kill regular models first before starting to put wounds on tough models in the unit.

Anything else?

We have changed the way the rulebook is structured now, so that each army list comes separate from the main rules and included a little bit of background story and some strategic tips for each army.

The game also has a distinct lack of armies for now, with only 9 at launch. We are going to keep adding new armies over the coming weeks, both old and new.

That’s it… for now.

We hope that this post has shed some light on our thoughts behind the new edition and that you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions or see anything wrong (grammar mistakes, missing units, etc.) please let us know!