Community Survey Update: What have we achieved so far?

Community Survey

Hi everyone,

It’s been about 3 months since the last Community Survey and we thought this would be a good moment to take a look at what we have achieved so far and what is still coming up in the future.

Overall we think that the Community Survey is a great way to collect feedback from our players, so we’re planning to have a new survey every 6 months, with a “what have we achieved so far?” post like this one 3 months after.

Anyway, strap in because this is going to be a big one!

Released Content

Monthly Newsletter

One of the main questions we asked in the Community Survey was if you’d be interested in a Monthly Newsletter, to which you responded with a very clear 83.7% vote of YES. So in August we finally made the OPR Newsletter available, and also sent out the first issue on September 1st.

We got some positive feedback on the first issue so we’re looking forward to bringing you more in the future. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the newsletter please let us know, since we’re always looking to improve what we have!

Newsletter Signup:

Original News Post:

Skirmish Campaign Rules

The Skirmish Campaign Rules are one of those things that people have been requesting for a long time, so we were very happy to finally release an updated version of our classic campaign rules. These new campaign rules take everything we had in our older versions and add a whole new layer of fun to it, as well as trying to balance things out even more.

The Campaign Rules are really crazy and offer something for everyone, with tons of tables to roll on, permanent injuries to suffer, special traits to gain, and random events to be surprised by. If you never played a campaign definitely give them a try, and we’re looking to add a version of the Campaign Rules for our larger scale games in the future too. :)

Original News Post:

New Armies

Players come to us for many reasons, but one of the main ones is because they want to be able to play with all of their awesome miniatures, both new and old. So naturally one of the requests we got in the Community Survey was that we should add new armies, and boy did we deliver. :D

Since the Community Survey we have released 5 new armies, of which 2 contain multiple warbands each, making for a total of 16 new playable factions. There’s really something for everyone here, so if you still haven’t checked them out you definitely should!

Infected Colonies:
Rebel Guerrillas:
Feudal Guard:
Worshippers of the Spire:
Gangs of Hive City:

Play Tokens

Some of you asked for the possibility of having official game aids be released, and we’ve taken the first step by releasing a new set of official OPR Play Tokens that are free to use. These tokens come in full color plus black & white, in two different sizes, and were made with neutral illustrations that can be used for all settings, from sci-fi to historicals.

We also had the great help of a friendly player that created a 3D print version of the Play Tokens which are free for anyone to use, so if you have a 3D printer definitely check them out. We’re still looking into the possibility of having some official plastic game aids that you could order online, but no promises on that yet. :)

Original News Post:

3D Print News Post:


Having a Discord Server is something that we had been shying away from, thinking that it’s impossible for us to stay on top of a real-time chat and voice system, as well as enforcing any sort of rules on there. Luckily for us some helpful players have created an (unoffical) OPR Discord Server of their own!

The (unofficial) OPR Discord Server has been a great way for the community to interact, organize games, and just generally hang out to chat. If you have any questions we still ask you to post them on the forum (because it’s easier for us to keep track of them and provide an official answer), but for everything else you can definitely use discord.

Discord Server:

Original News Post:


Some players asked for an official software to create army lists for our games, but as you can imagine that is a huge endeavor to create, requiring a lot of time and money to create. Once again luckily for us the community has stepped in, and some friendly players have been using Battlescribe to create army lists for our games.

There is a thread on the forum that contains all of the Battlescribe files and where players get organized to add more units and armies. If you want to use it to create your own army lists or would like to help out you should definitely give it a look. :)

Battlescribe Thread:

Website Updates

Finally we had a lot of feedback from players which showed us that there was confusion as to how to access various parts of OPR, what player resources are available and generally how OPR works as a whole.

In order to mitigate this we’ve been slowly adding different sections to our website in order to give players a better overview of everything that’s available. This includes the addition of a dedicated community section, a footer on all pages with links to player resources, as well as a short description of how OPR works on all of our game pages.

Since we’ve implemented these changes the amount of questions we get about these things has drastically dropped, so we’re pretty confident that they’ve been working so far. If you have any feedback or ideas on how we could further improve our website please let us know!


Future Content

So, now that we’ve talked about all of the awesome things we’ve brought to you so far, let’s talk about all of the awesome things we’re going to bring you in the future…

New Armybook Layouts

Many people have been requesting that we update our existing armybooks into the new and improved format that we use for the rulebooks, with illustrations, background textures and illustrated borders.

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard on finding a good way to bring our armybooks to the new format, but after many many tries we’ve come to the conclusion that instead of completely re-working the armybooks we’re simply going to update the ones we have with the new style.

As they say: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

In the coming weeks we’re going to give you some more information about how the switch between the old format and the new format is going to work, because we’re going to use this opportunity to update all of the existing armies with new balance patches… but more on that later.

One-Off Games

If you didn’t know about OPR before the great purge we did in 2017 then maybe this will come as a surprise to you, but OPR used to host a lot more games than it currently does. In fact there used to be 10+ games on our website, which one day misteriously disappeared…

There are many reasons why all those games were removed, but the main one is that we want to put our main focus on a few games that a lot of people play, instead of a lot of games that barely anyone plays. This however doesn’t mean that we don’t itch to design other games as well, so finally we’ve come up with a way to make everyone happy, which we’re calling One-Off Games.

What are One-Off Games?

One-Off Games are stand-alone games in our signature one-page format, which are developed to explore specific game mechanics or miniature lines. The games are going to be stand-alone in the sense that they will contain all the rules you need to play as well as some pre-made armies or army creation rules.

Once they are released we aren’t going to be expanding on them further, though of course we will address any needed clarifications or imbalances. If any of the games become successful enough we could look into turning them into “big games” in the future, but none of them are starting out with that in mind.

So, if you asked for the old OPR games back in the Community Survey you can expect them to be re-released under the new One-Off Games “brand”, hopefully in the near future. :)

Other OPR News Venues

Another one of the main questions we asked in the Community Survey was where people are getting their miniature wargaming news from. Here we got a lot of answers but one main trend we noted is that a lot of players get their wargaming news via forums and youtube, so we think it’s important for us to establish a presence there too.

Over the past few months we unfortunately weren’t able to find the time to spread OPR news in other venues than our existing ones, however we hope that in the near future we’ll find the time to do that so that more people can get news about our games there.

If you have any specific suggestions as to where we should post please let us know, and we’d also like to thank all of those that have already been spreading the word about our games on forums so far! <3

Official OPR Merch

Finally the last main question we asked in the Community Survey was if people would be interested in OPR merch. Here we got a mixed response, there are some of you that would definitely be interested, but maybe not as many as we’d need to warrant making it a priority.

So on the OPR merch front we’ve not moved forward much. We looked for some places where we could have T-Shirts, Mugs, Game Aids, etc. made but haven’t found anything so far which we think has a fair price for our players.

That being said we won’t stop looking, and again if you have any suggestions as to places where we can do that please let us know.


Community Campaign Games

Ok so now that we’ve talked about the Community Survey stuff let’s move onto some smaller but still cool news. Recently we started a GF: Firefight campaign over on the forum which everyone can join, and it’s been a ton of fun!

We have been mainly organizing ourselves over Discord and have been playing on Roll20, but there’s nothing stopping you from participating in the campaign from home.

This is our first community campaign that we’ve been organizing, so we’re still trying out a bunch of things, but anyway we definitely think you should join in on the fun. The campaign is going to end on October 13th so you still have plenty of time to take part in it and make your mark in the Prophecy of the Page.

Forum Thread:

After we’re done with this campaign we’re already thinking about making a gang wars campaign using the Gangs of Hive City warbands, as well as a fantasy campaign… but more on that in the future. ;)


Apocalyptic 12.000pts Match

Finally for today we wanted to let you all know that me and a couple of players over on Discord have decided to play a mad 12.000pts match of Grimdark Future on Roll20, and it’s open for anyone to join and spectate.

The match is going to be played tomorrow (Friday 20th) at 16:00 EST / 21:00 CET, so if you want to pop in to watch it you’re all welcome to do so.

If you never played Grimdark Future we definitely recommend you join us so you can see the game in action, and if you can hop onto the Disord voice channel that would be even better so you can hear us comment on the game live!



Hope you enjoyed this update, next week we’ll be releasing something really cool for all of you solo-players out there! ;)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Survey Results, Little Wars & New Hobby Section

Community Survey, Game Update

Hi everyone,

First off I would like to thank you all for partaking in the community survey!

We managed to get ~100 responses and collected a ton of feedback, which has given us a much better insight into what players think. We actually think that the feedback was so valuable that we’re planning on having at least a yearly community survey, if not have it twice a year. :)

Before we get into the survey results, there are two other smaller things we would like to talk about.

One-Page Little Wars

We recently partook in a small community challenge on the /awg/ thread of 4chan’s /tg/. The challenge was to write up a one-page ruleset that people could just pick up and play.

For our entry we decided to adapt Little Wars by H.G. Wells so that it’s playable with modern miniatures and dice, instead of using lead soldiers and firing toy guns.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Little Wars, this is the game that basically started it all. It’s the grandaddy of modern miniature games and laid the foundations for most of the wargames you play today.

We’re sure that some of you will appreciate this little game and after playing it a couple times it actually has some really interesting mechanics that you don’t see in modern wargames (no dice rolling for infantry combat, taking prisoners of war, what?!).

Download the game here:

This is just a temporary upload, and we’ll probably get rid of it by the end of the month, so make sure to grab it whilst you still can!

New Hobby Section on the Forum

After multiple community suggestions we have decided to open a hobby section on the forum where people can discuss the building and painting aspect of the hobby, share pictures, provide tips & tricks, etc.

Check out the hobby section here:

Since there were already a couple of hobby threads going on in different sections of the forum we have all moved them to the new hobby section, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of your creations. :)

Community Survey Results

Alright it’s time to get to the juicy part of this update!

We’re going to be going through each question in order and comment a little bit on the results, but first we need to clarify something.

We noticed that some people used the “other” section to ask questions about the games, however we aren’t able to answer any of them since we don’t collect e-mail addresses when doing the survey.

Please if you have any questions and feedback, go ahead and post them on the forum so that we can give you an official answer:

Ok now we can finally move on…

Where do you get your miniature wargaming news from?


It seems that most of you are getting your news from sources that we already cover such as Facebook and Reddit, however we can see that there are some other places we could post on that might reach more people.

The ones that seem important which we aren’t covering are BGG, TMP, Lead Adventures and DakkaDakka, so we’ll definitely try to spread the word there.

YouTube is also pretty big, however we don’t have the capacity to start our own channel for now, so instead we’ll try and see if we can try to contact some other channels and do some sort of promotion there. If anyone has suggestions for which channels to contact please let us know. :)

Would you be interested in an OPR newsletter (doing a monthly news roundup)?


Here we have a very clear answer, with 83.7% of people being interested in a newsletter with a monthly news roundup, so we’re going to be looking into how to create it and what would be the best way to deliver it to you.

Would you be interested in OPR merch (T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, etc.)?


This one is a bit more mixed, with 34.4% saying yes (including some other comments), so we’re a little bit torn. We understand that people like the new art and would like to have it on a t-shirt, however we don’t think demand is high enough to justify a big print run.

We’ll look into the possibility to have some sort of print-on-demand system or maybe just make a limited print run.

Which Grimdark Future armies do you play?


When it comes to armies the trend has remained more or less the same since the last community survey, with Battle Brothers being played by most players with 57% and then the majority of the rest being at around 20%.

We messed up and forgot to include the Machine Cult in the list, so maybe they would’ve had more votes in the end… we’ll make sure not to forget anyone next time.

Which Age of Fantasy armies do you play?


In Age of Fantasy things are much more balanced, with a lot more armies being in that middle and only a few being played a lot or just very little.

One thing we noticed is that there are a lot of people playing Undead, but that might be attributed to the fact that the list actually contains 4 armies in it, so if each individual army had its own book the results might be very different.

Do you have any suggestions for things we should do with OPR (new games, armies, features, etc.)?

There is no graph that I can show you for this one since everyone gave different answers, however there were some trends that we would like to talk about.

Point Calculation System & Advanced Rules

Some people asked for these probably not knowing that they are already available to Patreon supporters. This makes us think that we should probably update our website to further emphasize that people can get access to them via Patreon.

Art for the Army Books

This is something that we have already planned to do but there is still a lot of work to be done in order to complete it, but rest assured that eventually all of the files will be updated with the new look.

Campaign Rules for Firefight & Skirmish

This is another thing that we’ve already planned to do but is just taking longer than expected to be released. We’ll provide you with news about campaign rules for skirmish games as soon as we have more and maybe we’ll also add some campaign rules for the larger games.

Reviving Old Games (Grimdark Racing, Double Tap, etc.)

Right now we have no plan to bring back any of the old games… at least not in the same format we had before. We are definitely interested in re-releasing them, at least the most popular ones, however we want to do them justice and give them a complete makeover, so you can expect something new in the future, but we can’t say when.

Historical Rules

Surprisingly we’ve had a few people ask for historical rules, from modern military to dark ages. This is something we had been thinking about but put on the back burner, however seeing how there’s some interest in it has given us motivation to take out our old test games and give them a spin again.

Original Lore vs Generic Lore

Since a LOT of people had an opinion about this I think we need to address it, because we’re not sure that players realize how divided the community is about lore.

Right now the community is split between those that think that OPR games should have their own lore vs those that think that OPR games should stay as generic as possible with no lore.

Honestly we’re just trying to hit a good balance here where there is just enough lore so that people have an idea of what kind of models they can use for our armies whilst still staying generic enough that you could use anything for them.

We know that some people will not be fully satisfied with this solution, however it’s the best we can do for now. But who knows, maybe in the future things will change…


That’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed this insight into the community survey results and that you give Little Wars a try, it’s a truly classic games that deserves more attention.


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Community Survey & Quickplay Armies

Community Survey, Quickplay Armies

Hi everyone,

After last week’s big update we’re super happy to say that a lot of new people have been checking out our games, and we also want to thank all of you for sharing them!

Community Survey

Since we now have a bunch of new people on board we thought that this would be a good moment to make a small community survey just asking you a few questions. This should help us understand how we can reach our community better and what we should work on in the future that you haven’t suggested yet. :)

So, if you wanna help us out, take a few minutes and answer our community survey at the following link (it’s just 6 easy questions):

Age of Fantasy Quickplay Armies

Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about some Quickplay Armies for Age of Fantasy, which this week features some of the most fun armies in the game (at least in our opinion).

For those that are still unfamiliar with Quickplay Armies: they are 2 pre-made army lists designed to be ready to play out of the box. Just get the models and start playing, no need to count points or create your own lists. This is the perfect thing to dip your toes into new armies and see if you like them. :)

This week’s Quickplay Armies: Goblins vs Wood Elves


  • 1x Cave Boss w/ Giant Cave-Beast
  • 10x Cave-Beast Herd w/ 2x Cave-Beast Herder
  • 5x Cave-Beast Riders
  • 5x Cave-Beast Riders w/ Spears

Wood Elves

  • 1x Revenant Elder w/ Wings & Fury-Flies
  • 5x Tree Revenants w/ Magical Swords
  • 5x Tree Revenants w/ Magical Swords & Command Group
  • 3x Treeman Hunters

The Goblins in this set focus on the unpredictable but brutal Cave-Beasts, which are fairly easy to kill but are extremely brutal once they get into melee. The list comes with a Cave Boss on Giant Cave-Beast which comes with a devastating stomp attack, as well as with a Cave-Beast Herd that can get fairly reliably into melee thanks to their Herders.

The Wood Elves on the other side focus on the terrifying Tree Revenants, which give enemy units -2 to hit if they fail a Fear test. Whilst the Tree Revenants form the bulk of the army they are supported by Treeman Hunters which can easily snipe units from afar, and a powerful Revenant Elder that can quickly flank enemies thanks to its Wings as well as dish out some damage from afar with a swarm of Fury-Flies.

Hope that you like them, if you have any suggestions please let us know. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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