6 New Games Released!

General Update

Hi everyone,

For those of you that don’t know, before the great purge of 2017 we used to have a lot more games than just Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy, many of which were beloved by OPR fans all over the world.

Those games had been discontinued for a long time because we felt that we didn’t have the time to properly support them, and couldn’t find a neat way to keep them available for the community as we re-worked our project for the future.

Fans have been asking us for years to bring fan-favorites such as WarStuff and Double Tap back, and today we’re happy to say that the long wait is over!

If you check out our website you’re not going to find a new section called One-Off Games, which is going to be our new repository for a ton of small and awesome games that didn’t make the cut to become bigger (yet).


So what are One-Off Games you ask?

One-Off Games are stand-alone games in our signature one-page format, which are developed to explore specific mechanics or miniature lines. These games have minimum support and could be removed at any point unless they prove to be popular enough.

Check them out here: https://onepagerules.com/portfolio/one-off-games

For today we’re only bringing back 6 of our most popular classic games, but in the future you can expect more games to be released this way as we find interesting ideas to explore or just need some rules to play with cool new miniatures.

Army Men Combat – These rules were specifically created to be played with green army men and using household items as terrain, though you can use any miniatures you like. The rules feature an interesting random activation mechanic where you have a higher chance of going next if you have more unactivated units, as well as the ability to use Hunker actions for extra protection and Guard actions to fire overwatch. The rules also use an old-school dice pool system, where instead of using modifiers on your rolls you add dice to your pool and compare results.

army men combat.jpg

Deathball – These rules were created to play fantasy sports games without a grid and with any fantasy, sci-fi, post-apoc, etc. miniatures. The activation mechanic in this one is really cool because you have to gamble to activate, so there’s a nice risk/reward system for big plays. Top it off with rules for special racial traits, different terrain types, coach points and random events, and you’ve got yourself a neat and brutal sports game!


Double Tap – Spec-ops combat for modern military or cyberpunk settings, featuring a tried and true action/reaction system that makes every activation important. The game comes with a ton of weapons and special rules to customize your soldiers, which provide a balanced challenge for even the most experienced operators. Highly recommended!

double tap.jpg

Wasteland Racing – This is a re-vamp of the old Grimdark Racing rules, and boy are you in for a treat. A full-on beer & pretzels game, these rules allow you to smash together toy cars like never before, zooming around deadly race tracks. With rules for everything from pick-up items to speed boosts, as well as lots of vehicle types and driver traits for customization, this is probably the most fun ruleset we’ve ever written. :D

wasteland racing.jpg

Orion’s Gate – First things first, this game was developed based on an original idea by Austin Peasley, who helped OPR immensely in its hay-day. Orion’s Gate is a spaceship battles game developed to fight massive battles in a short time, and it can also be used to fight fantasy or historical naval battles. The game features a 2D6 system that keeps things balanced across multiple ship types, and there’s a ton of customization for your ships so that no two battles are alike.

orions gate.JPG

WarStuff – Last but not least, WarStuff! This has been the single most requested game to come back since the purge, and we’re really happy to finally see its return. These rules allow you to fight quick skirmish battles with any type of toys or miniatures thanks to its easy to use unit creation system. This is the perfect game to bring to game stores or conventions so that players with models from different games can still play together.


Discord Rewards for Patrons

Finally we wanted to give you a little update regarding our Patreon rewards.

We’re always looking for ways to improve how we can reward fans for their donations, and since so many of you love using Discord we’ve gone ahead and linked the two!

All of our backers now get a special role that shows that they are supporting our project, and backers of Tier 2, 3 and 4 also get access to secret channels to discuss all of the exclusive content that we provide.


That’s it for today folks, really hope you enjoy these new games and that you have a nice holiday. We’ll be back next week to give you a peek into the future!

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Big in Japan, MACE & Balance Changes

General Update

Hi everyone,

We’ve been spending the last couple of weeks working on the new balance changes which are coming out pretty great, and whilst we won’t be able to release them yet you can probably expect Wave 1 to be out by next week.

Anyway, in this update we’re going to go a little bit deeper into what exactly is changing with the upcoming balance patch, but first we have some unexpected news for you.

Big in Japan

As most of you know back in the day there used to be many more games on OPR than there currently are, which were removed during the big purge of 2017.

One of the most popular games we had was called WarStuff, which was a very simple skirmish system designd to be played with any miniatures (or other stuff) that you have at hand.

The game came with a simple point calculator that allowed you to quickly put together units for anything from green army men to toy dinosaurs to even just random objects (ever wanted to fight a bottle of shampoo?).

Anyway, it seemst hat WarStuff was the little game could, and now this wargaming sensation has spread all the way over to Japan!


Yes, you’re not dreaming, someone took one of our games, translated it to Japanese, and filled the rulebook with cute illustrations.

According to Akinori Nishiyama (the guy in charge of this project) there’s a growing community of 300+ players that uses WarStuff for their wargaming needs.

Since we’ve been in contact we’re looking into adapting the game further for the Japanese market, so let’s see where this takes us!

Download WarStuff (JP): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rl9Ln2W8nWLb5sGZ2iHiv4NjHpDL_oze/view?usp=drivesdk


Before anybody asks, as we already mentioned in one of our previous updates we’re planning to bring back a lot of our old games in the new One-Offs format, and you can expect WarStuff to be one of them.

Right now we’re focusing on releasing all of the new balance changes, but youc an expect more news right after that’s done. :)

Grimdark Future at MACE

Wyloch from the awesome YouTube channel Wyloch’s Armory is going to be at MACE next month, so if you want to join him you’re most welcome to do so.

From his announcement:

“I will be at MACE in Charlotte, NC next month and will be running demonstrations of Grimdark Future with conference attendees. We will be using my terrain and my fully painted armies. It will be a visual spectacle to ensure that I champion OnePageRules in the most memorable way possible.

There are still open spots at my table. If you are near North Carolina and have an open schedule, consider a last minute trip!


Link to his post: http://onepagerules.proboards.com/post/9248/thread

If you don’t know Wyloch, he’s the guy behind a ton of awesome Grimdark Future Video Batreps, which you should definitely check out!

Upcoming Balance Changes

So, we’ve been talking about the new balance changes for the past couple of weeks, but what exactly is changing?

Whilst we don’t want to go into too much detail as to what exactly is going to change for each army (since with 40+ armies that would be too much for a single post), we’re going to give you a bullet point overview of what you can expect.

Here are the overall changes that are coming:

  • Rock-Paper-Flamer – The basic troops of each army will have access to melee or ranged weapons that allow them to deal with different types of units, such as infantry hordes, heavy infantry toops and monsters/vehicles.
  • Shred Rifles & Beast Pikes – For those armies that don’t have any existing weapon that fits the bill to counter certain unit types we’re going to be introducing new wepaons such as the Shred Rifle and the Beast Pike.
  • Upgrades as Alternatives – To give players more interesting choices most melee weapons and some ranged weapons are being re-worked so that weapons aren’t one strictly better than the other, but instead that they have different stats so they are each alternatives that deal better with specific targets than others.
  • Swiss Army Psychic – All armies are going to have access to some sort of spell caster, and all of the spell lists are being re-worked to give them spells that can deal with different types of units, such as infantry spam or heroes that hide in units.
  • Walker Stomps – Walker units are going to lose the Impact rule and gain a new Stomp attack, which makes them more reliable in melee and also ensures that if both their army are replaced by ranged weapons they’re not suddenly unable to squish infantry units.
  • Bikes & Charging – Biker units are being re-worked to be more effective at charging and so that they can be used as effective cavalry units that devastate enemies in melee (but can also still be equipped with ranged weapons if you so desire).
  • Lowering Randomness – In order to make units more reliable we’re going to be lowering the amount of random rolls that are in the game. For example if a spell used to say “deal D6 automatic hits” it will now say “deal 4 automatic hits”, this way you always know what to expect.
  • Streamlining Melee – Finally to make things move along faster we’re going to be re-working the Fear and Furious rules, as well as streamlining the amount of units that have access to Impact.

Of course there are a ton of other little changes happening here and there which will re-balance the game, but those will be all detailed in each army release wave update!

If you’ve always thought about supporting the project and were just waiting for an opportunity to get something extra neat for doing so then make sure to check out our Patreon, which will give you exclusive early access to all new army balance changes right now.



That’s it for today folks, hope you have a nice weekend. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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AoF Teaser & Patch Notes Preview

General Update

Hi everyone,

Let’s start this update with something cool for all of your AoF fans! :D


Ok, now that that’s out the way…

Next week we are going to be releasing a very important patch with a lot of changes to the games and armies, as well as some other big updates.

In order to not completely overwhelm you we decided that it would be best to release some of the patch notes early which are basically some small fixes and additional units for some of the armies.

The biggest change here is the update to the daemon armies, which have been bolstered with a couple of new units, as well as a ton of new upgrades in order to give them more versatility and some ranged firepower too.

We have also reversed the order of the Change and Plague abilities, meaning that now Change gives units Stealth whilst Plague gives units Regeneration. With all of these changes we hope that daemons will be able to compete with ranged armies better and be an overall more interesting faction to play.

Here the full patch notes preview:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brothers

  • Fixed point cost of Advanced Tactics, Veteran Infantry and Veteran Walker

Prime Brothers

  • Re-worked weapon upgrades for all heroes

Dark Elf Raiders

  • Re-worked Razor Talon and Razor Caltrops

Havoc Brothers

  • Fixed point cost of Veteran Infantry

Havoc Brother Disciples

  • Change God now gives Stealth and Plague God now gives Regeneration

Wormhole Daemons

  • New units: Daemon Champions and Crab Walkers
  • Increased the Defense value of all units
  • Change now gives Stealth and Plague now gives Regeneration
  • Heroes now have extra melee weapon options
  • Heroes now have ranged weapon options
  • Heroes can now take Symbols of Havoc at 3 different strengths and ranges
  • The standard Warriors of each havoc god now have extra melee weapon options
  • Blood Warriors now have AP(2) and Blood Hounds now have AP(1)
  • Change Warriors have been completely re-worked
  • Lust Fiends now have A6

Age of Fantasy

Eternal Wardens

  • Added a new Great Gryph mount for the Arcane Lord


  • New units: Giant Cave-Beast and Pair of Giant Cave-Beasts
  • The Boss and Cave Boss can now mount on a Pair of Giant Cave-Beasts
  • Cave-Beast Herds can now be upgraded with Herders
  • Cave-Beast Riders may now use Hand Weapons or Spears

Havoc Warriors

  • Fixed point cost of Mutated Warriors in Skirmish

Havoc Warrior Disciples

  • Change God now gives Stealth and Plague God now gives Regeneration


  • Warlocks can now take Rocket Launchers

Rift Daemons

  • New units: Daemon Champions and Crab Walkers
  • Increased the Defense value of all units
  • Change now gives Stealth and Plague now gives Regeneration
  • Heroes now have extra melee weapon options
  • Heroes now have ranged weapon options
  • Heroes can now take Symbols of Havoc at 3 different strengths and ranges
  • The standard Warriors of each havoc god now have extra melee weapon options
  • Blood Warriors now have AP(2) and Blood Hounds now have AP(1)
  • Change Warriors have been completely re-worked
  • Lust Fiends now have A6


  • New unit: Supreme Skeleton Lord
  • Skeleton Kings can now be Wizards and can be mounted on Abyssal Beasts
  • Re-worked upgrades for the Ghost Knight
  • Ethereal was re-worked to make it simpler and clearer

Wood Elves

  • Re-worked upgrades for the Revenant Elder


That’s all for now, but there’s a lot more stuff coming with next week’s update, so keep your eyes peeled for more…

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Taking a break from the project

General Update

Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed the releases have been slowing down over the past few weeks, and I have not been very active on the forums. That is because currently I am going through a very rough time in my personal life and I have not been able to focus any of my thoughts on this project.

For the past few weeks I’ve been battling with this thought, but now I have finally made a decision and I will be taking a break from the project.

This is purely based on the fact that I need to focus on myself right now and unfortunately for you fans it means that I won’t be spending my time thinking about this project anymore. I also want to be fully honest about this: at this point in time I am not sure how long I am going to be taking a break for or if I’ll ever be back.

In order to be fair to everyone that donated until now and to those that might donate in the future I have changed all of the descriptions on the website and patreon to reflect that donating doesn’t mean frequent project updates anymore. If you feel that for you this change doesn’t work please go ahead and remove your donation, I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

Everything else is staying as it is, the games will still be up on the website, the forum will keep being open, the slack channel will keep being available. If anyone new donates I will continue to give out forum ranks, access to slack and add names on the backer wall.

So yeah, unfortunately this is where I’m at with my life right now.

Hopefully one day everything will be better and I will come back to the project, if not forever then at least for one final time to release the infamous point calculation system (for those of you asking why I don’t release it right now: it’s basically all written very cryptically across multiple documents, with no work instructions as it’s mostly in my head, so making this thing actually usable would take a lot of time right now).

Thank you so much everyone for those that have been supporting my work this far and for those that will continue supporting my work in the future. May you have many exciting battles with your toy soldiers in your life!


Gaetano Ferrara


Grimdark Future video tutorials by DragonMelon

General Update

Hey there,

Are you new to miniature wargaming? Have you tried to play Grimdark Future but would like to see it played to understand it better?

Then DragonMelon has got you covered!

He has uploaded a series of video tutorials up on youtube that cover all of the main rules as well as all special rules, all in short 2-3min videos. I have seen some of it and it’s pretty solid, and should be a great resource especially for new players.

Check out the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHEfQSZXWg9ywazHPVwinr2iwaJ1wUn7L

You can provide your feedback on the forums here: http://onepagerules.proboards.com/thread/713/play-grimdark-future-on-youtube



Introducing Double Tap and the future…

General Update

Hello there,

Today I’m going to make the last update regarding the new version of everything.

In our previous iteration we used to have our 4 core games, but also a lot of other small games. Whilst we liked those games, we think that they deserve better treatment, so we have removed them for now as we work on a new concept for them.

What we would like to do with our non-core games is to have them be smaller self-contained titles which come with unit creation systems. This way players are able to customize the games to their liking and to be playable with whatever models they have.

So here is our first game in this new format…


Double Tap

Double Tap is a game of fast-paced firefights set in the near future. The game is based around a reaction system which keeps both players engaged at all times, and which simulates the intricacies of modern combat quite well.

Whilst the game has rules for near-future abilities, such as hacking and active camouflage, it can be played using any modern combat miniatures from WW2 to contemporary military.

At the center of this game is an action/reaction system which makes it so that both players are almost taking turns together. The system also allows you to activate the same unit multiple times during the same turn, so you can expect crazy heroics to happen quite often!

Unit Creation

In order to keep things simple we are introducing a 4 step unit creation system, which should hopefully be intuitive enough to be easily understood.

The way it works is pretty straight forward:

  1. Pick a quality value for your unit
  2. Choose a weapon for it
  3. Add special rules if necessary
  4. Total the points together

This is the system which we would like to keep using moving forward for any other one-page games in this style. By using one coherent unit creation system across these games we hope to lower the barrier of entry and get you to the table happily rolling dice faster.

That’s it!

All right, so now that we have you updated on all the systems what’s next?

Over the next couple of weeks I will mainly be focusing on adding a ton of armies for our core games and on generally refining what we have put out so far. At the same time I am going to slowly start working on more one-page games and see where those take us.

Sooooo, that’s truly it for now, talk to you again soon!



Introducing Firefight & Skirmish

General Update

Hey again,

In our last two updates we focused on our large-battle games, so now it’s time to focus on our smaller skirmish games. Because both games run on essentially the same engine we are just going to make one post discussing what has changed in both of them.


What has changed?

As we already discussed in our last two posts the biggest change is the move from just having Quality to having Quality & Defense. We won’t bore you with the details again, but in case you missed our post talking about it you can go and check it out here.

Moving on there were two major things that we wanted to address in our skirmish games: hero abilities and morale tests.

In our old editions heroes had abilities that affected all friendly units within 3″, which led to a lot of confusion. It was unclear for example if you got a buff as you started activating within that zone, or if you got it as you moved into that zone. There were also a couple of instances where abilities didn’t really make sense following these restrictions.

In order to address that you now pick one unit within 3″ when the hero is activated, and the ability affects that unit until the end of the round. This way it’s easier to track which unit is affected by what, and you should be able to use your heroes more effectively.

The other thing that didn’t work as well as we wanted it to were morale tests and army routing. A lot of times it was unclear what happened when a special rule required you to take a morale test, and it felt very unfair that your entire army would rout based on a single failed roll.

In order to address this we now specify what happens when you fail a morale test in the morale section (unit gets -1 in melee and must spend it’s next activation idle). The rout test also works a little differently now: each model takes a morale test, and models rout individually. This way you don’t see entire armies fleeing at once, but single models running away as morale crumbles.

Other changes

Apart from those two things we also have a lot of smaller changes here and there, which you can see on this list:

  • The hero limit has changed to 1 hero for every 450pts.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • In units with multiple models they all have to be within 3″ of each other.
  • Heroes now allow friendly units within 6″ to re-roll results of 1 on rout tests.
  • All units are considered to be Infantry regardless of their model.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.

Campaign play

One of the coolest things about our skirmish games was that they each came with campaign rules to play interconnected missions with an epic narrative. Unfortunately we still haven’t had the time to re-work those for the new edition, so they are gone for now.

But don’t worry, as soon as we have time we will re-introduce campaigns into the game so that everyone can experience the madness! :)

That’s it… for now

With this post we have covered the main changes for our core games. Next time we will talk about our newest game Double Tap and what awaits us in the future…



Introducing Age of Fantasy

General Update

Hi everyone,

So yesterday we introduced the changes to Grimdark Future, today we are bringing you a little update on what has changed of Age of Fantasy.


The Age of Fantasy

Age of Fantasy is the latest edition of our fantasy wargame, coming in two versions now:

  • Age of Fantasy – played with miniatures on round bases
  • Age of Fantasy: Regiments – played with miniatures movement trays

In order to make playing both versions as smooth as possible we have re-worked the balance of the armies so that the army lists are compatible with either. Additionally we have brought some more changes.

What has changed?

The biggest change is something we spoke about already yesterday, and that is the move from a single stat (Quality) to two stats (Quality & Defense). This change allows you to add more depth to the game without increasing complexity, and should allow us to make more interesting units in the future.

That’s probably the biggest thing you’ll have to get used to when playing both of these games, but there’s more. So onto the rest of the updates.

For Age of Fantasy, there isn’t much to say because we didn’t really have an equivalent game before. So I would recommend just trying it out, it’s Grimdark Future but fantasy.

For Age of Fantasy: Regiments here are the changes:

  • The unit type limits have been changed to 1 monster/chariot/artillery for every 250pts and 1 hero for every 500pts.
  • Players can only deploy across the long table edges.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • The game sequence has changed as is now alternating activations instead of alternating phases. We liked the phases system but it created too many issues and was overall too complex, so we cut it.
  • Unit speeds have been buffed a little to make the game a bit faster.
  • You don’t get a bonus to your melee results for charging a unit in the flank/rear, instead the bonus is inherent: units can only attack in their front facing, so if you charge a unit in its flank/rear you don’t get return strikes.
  • Heroes can join any infantry unit now, not only ones of same quality.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.
  • Spears now get the Phalanx rule (for cavalry they have Impact(1) instead), Halberds get AP(1), Great Weapons get AP(2), Lances get Impact(2).
  • Added some new special rules: Ambush, AP(X), Blast(X), Deadly, Phalanx, Slow.
  • The Nimble rule is gone, instead units with Fast can pivot twice.
  • Wizards now work differently, there is no more miscasting and you can’t dispel unless you have a psychic of your own.
  • Tough has changed: you must always kill regular models first before starting to put wounds on tough models in the unit.

Anything else?

We have changed the way the rulebook is structured now, so that each army list comes separate from the main rules and included a little bit of background story and some strategic tips for each army.

The game also has a distinct lack of armies for now, with only 9 at launch. We are going to keep adding new armies over the coming weeks, both old and new.

That’s it… for now.

We hope that this post has shed some light on our thoughts behind the new edition and that you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions or see anything wrong (grammar mistakes, missing units, etc.) please let us know!



Introducing Grimdark Future

General Update

Hi everyone,

First off I wanted to thank all of you that have already contributed so far, we are barely 24 hours into the Patreon and have already achieved the first goal, so I have high hopes for the future.

Yesterday we revealed the new look and launcher our Patreon, which is all great, but it’s time to talk about Grimdark Future now.



The Grimdark Future

Grimdark Future is the latest edition of our squad-based sci-fi wargame, and brings a whole new set of features to the table. We have been working on this evolution for a long time now, and we think it serves as the foundation of our wargaming future.

In order to make this new release “future proof”, some things had to change however. This wasn’t easy, and we tried to keep as many of the old systems as possible, but it was necessary to ensure that this edition will stand the test of time.

Quality & Defense

The biggest change was to move from having only 1 unit stat (Quality) to having 2 unit stats (Quality and Defense). By giving units one extra stat we are able to add a lot more depth to the game, without increasing its complexity.

Additionally we now use roll modifiers in order to account for things such as cover or piercing attacks. This again allows us to add depth without increasing complexity.

Whilst this change might seem small, it actually decreases the amount of rolls needed in certain situations from 4-5 to just 2 rolls, whilst also keeping things consistent. First you roll to hit, then you roll to wound. That’s it!

Smaller Changes

That’s the biggest thing players are going to have to get used to, however we have also made small changes here and there which improve on the last edition of the rules. Here is a list of important changes:

  • The unit type limits have been changed to 1 vehicle/monster for every 250pts and 1 hero for every 500pts. We have also introduced a new titan unit type and you can take 1 titan for every 1000pts.
  • Players can only deploy across the long table edges.
  • All missions are objective based.
  • Units may fire all their weapons even when advancing.
  • Heroes can join any infantry unit now, not only ones of same quality.
  • There is no more vehicle damage table.
  • Flyers don’t have to roll to enter the game anymore, and enemy units get -1 to their shooting rolls against them.
  • Weapon stats are now shown directly on the army page.
  • Added some new special rules: Anti-Air, AP(X), Blast(X), Deadly, EMP and Slow.
  • Furious doesn’t allow you to charge when disembarking anymore.
  • Psychics now work differently, there is no more miscasting and you can’t dispel unless you have a psychic of your own.
  • Tough has changed: you must always kill regular models first before starting to put wounds on tough models in the unit.

Other Stuff

Outside of these gameplay changes we have also changed the way the rulebook is structured.

The army lists now come separate from the main rules so that we could introduce a short introduction to each army’s background story and a couple of strategy tips to play the army.

Hopefully this will give players a better idea of what models to use for their army, as well as give them a rough idea of what to expect from each army.

Missing Content?

As you may have noticed, the game only launched with 8 armies and the basic game rules, but don’t worry as this isn’t the end.

Over the coming weeks we are going to be re-releasing some of the old favorites again (adapted to the new edition) as well as adding a couple of brand new armies.

As for the beginner’s guide and the other armies (ww2/modern), we are looking into re-releasing something similar in the future, however we haven’t fully planned it out yet. Once we get close to a final release we will let you know.

That’s it… for now.

We hope that this post has shed some light on our thoughts behind the new edition and that you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions or see anything wrong (grammar mistakes, missing units, etc.) please let us know!