AoF: Skirmish


What is Age of Fantasy: Skirmish?

Age of Fantasy: Skirmish is a fantasy miniatures game which is played with just a handful of 28mm miniatures. The game mechanics are designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, bringing engaging battles for new players and veterans alike.

How does OPR work?

OPR is a project made by gamers for gamers and it can only exist thanks to the generous support of our awesome community. All of our core games are free, we provide weekly updates on what’s new and we post monthly releases for major game updates.

Players can donate on Patreon to access a lot of extra content such as full rulebooks & point calculators, exclusive weekly updates, early access to wip files and more. If you’d like to support the development of our games please consider donating to us on Patreon. Thanks!


  • Core Rules – all the rules you need to play the game on a single page
  • Campaign Rules – rules to play linked games with evolving warbands
  • AI Rules – rules for solo-play or coop-play against AI controlled armies
  • Play Tokens (Large & Small) – useful to keep track of game effects


  • Army Book Folder – contains all of the army books mentioned below
    • Beastmen – human-animal hybrids that seek to destroy all civilizations
    • Chivalrous Kingdoms – armies of noble knights and filthy peasants
    • Clans of the War Cry – fanatic warbands in an endless bloody conflict
    • Dark Elves – vicious elves that revel in piracy and torture
    • Deep-Sea Elves – mysterious underwater elves and sea creatures
    • Dwarves – short mighty warriors that strike from the mountains
    • Eternal Wardens – elite warriors clad in golden armour
    • Ghostly Undead – ghosts that gave up haunting mansions to fight in war
    • Goblins – cruel, sneaky and cowardly little greenskins
    • Havoc Warriors – fanatic barbarians corrupted by the havoc gods
    • Havoc Warrior Disciples – various sub-factions of Havoc Warriors
    • High Elves – peaceful and noble elves that focus on seafaring
    • Humans – able warriors from all corners of the world
    • Kingdom of Angels – ascended humans with the favor of the gods
    • Mummified Undead – skeletons and animated statues from the desert
    • Ogres – large, violent and monstrous humanoids
    • Orcs – brutish and stupid greenskins that always look for a fight
    • Ossified Undead – unbreakable skeleton comes to reap what’s theirs
    • Ratmen – mutated humanoid vermin that plague the world
    • Rift Daemons – vile creatures that exist to serve the havoc gods
    • Saurians – alliance of various magical lizards and dinosaurs
    • Vampiric Undead – vampires, ghouls and other vicious beasts
    • Wood Elves – protectors of the forest and its magical beings

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