GF: Firefight


What is Grimdark Future: Firefight?

Grimdark Future: Firefight is a sci-fi miniatures game which is played with just a handful of 28mm miniatures. The game mechanics are designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, bringing engaging battles for new players and veterans alike.

How does OPR work?

OPR is a project made by gamers for gamers and it can only exist thanks to the generous support of our awesome community. All of our core games are free, we provide weekly updates on what’s new and we post monthly releases for major game updates.

Players can donate on Patreon to access a lot of extra content such as full rulebooks & point calculators, exclusive weekly updates, early access to wip files and more. If you’d like to support the development of our games please consider donating to us on Patreon. Thanks!


  • Core Rules (v2.7) – all the rules you need to play the game on a single page
  • Campaign Rules (v2.1) – rules to play linked games with evolving warbands
  • AI Rules (v2.0) – rules for solo-play or coop-play against AI controlled armies
  • Play Tokens (v2.0): Large & Small – useful to keep track of game effects


  • Army Book Folder – contains all of the army books mentioned below
    • Alien Hives (v2.3) – vicious aliens ready to devour anything in their path
    • Battle Brothers (v2.6) – the elite fighting force of the immortal god-king
    • Battle Brother Detachments (v2.6) – various sub-factions of Battle Brothers
    • Battle Sisters (v2.2)powerful and elite armies of female warriors
    • Dark Elf Raiders (v2.3) – murderous and sadistic elves seeking revenge
    • Dwarf Guilds (v2.1) – tough little warriors that will stubbornly fight anyone
    • Gangs of Hive City (v2.0) violent gangs fighting for control of the streets
    • Havoc Brothers (v2.4) – evil battle brothers corrupted by the havoc gods
    • Havoc Brother Disciples (v2.4) – various sub-factions of Havoc Brothers
    • High Elf Fleets (v2.3) – noble and technologically advanced elves
    • Human Defense Force (v2.7) – the last hope for humanity’s survival
    • Infected Colonies (v2.1) – brutal creatures mutated by a mysterious virus
    • Machine Cult (v2.2) – misguided humans that treat machines as holy
    • Mercenaries (v2.3) – guns for hire (inquisition, jesters, feudal guard)
    • Orc Marauders (v2.5) – green-skinned beasts that raid and plunder
    • Ratmen Clans (v2.3) – mutated humanoid vermin that plague the galaxy
    • Rebel Guerrillas (v2.1) – warbands of mixed races fighting for freedom
    • Robot Legions (v2.4) – cold steel programmed to destroy all life forms
    • Soul-Snatchers (v2.4) – vicious aliens that infect enemies to fight for them
    • TAO Coalition (v2.6) – alliance of various races fighting under one banner
    • Wormhole Daemons (v2.4) – vile creatures that exist to serve the havoc gods

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