GF: Firefight



Grimdark Future: Firefight is a sci-fi miniatures game which is played with just a handful of 28mm miniatures. The game features dynamic mechanics which allow you to jump onto your foes from ledges or kick them into deadly terrain, making for an action packed skirmish.

This project was made by gamers for gamers and it can only exist thanks to the generous support of our awesome community. If you’d like to support the continued development of our games you can donate on Patreon. Thanks!



1st & 2nd Wave – Armies ready to play

3rd Wave – Coming soon

  • Dwarf Guilds (v2.0) – tough little humanoids that will do anything to get their way
  • Machine Cult (v2.0) – misguided humans that treat machines as holy
  • Mercenaries (v2.0) – guns for hire (human inquisition, elven jesters)
  • Ratmen Clans (v2.0) – mutated humanoid vermin that plague the galaxy
  • Soul-Snatchers (v2.0) – vicious alients that infect enemies to fight for them
  • Titan Lords (v2.0) – massive battle walkers that crush their foes with ease
  • Wormhole Daemons (v2.0) – vile creatures that exist to serve the havoc gods


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