v2.50 Updates + Tons of Videos

General Update, Video Content

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got just a small update for you, going over some news for v2.50, plus we’ve got a ton of videos for you to check out, from batreps to reviews.

Let’s get to it!

v2.50 Updates

Last week we launched the v2.50 beta for GFF, and outside of some small expected bugs here and there, it seems to have gone down pretty smoothly. We’re very happy to see that the automatic conversion from GF to GFF has worked well, because this gives us confidence that once we get to AoF and AoFS, the conversion should also be a piece of cake.

Speaking of AoF, work continues on the v2.50 army books as well, and we have already finished 17 armies out of a total of 29, so we’re a bit over halfway there. Assuming that we can keep going at this speed, the current projection is that we should have AoF v2.50 ready within the next 3 weeks. Once all of the main AoF books are out for everyone to try, we will wait a few weeks to hash out the most glaring issues, and then release AoFS as well.

A note on the Gangs of Hive City / Clans of the War Cry: due to how those armies are structured, we are currently saving those for last, and should get to them after the AoF armies have been completed. Whilst those are only 2 lists, they are each made up of 5+ sub-factions, so it’s quite the workload.

That’s it for now, if everything continues to go smoothly, we might be able to get v2.50 out of beta within the next few months, putting us well on track with our 2022 release plan! :)

Check out the v2.50 beta here: https://webapp.onepagerules.com/

New Video Content

That’s it for today, have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Important v2.50 Update

General Update, Video Content

Hi everyone,

This week I’ve been travelling, so things have been a bit chaotic, but I’ve got some good news for you regarding the v2.50 update, as well as a heap of new videos. :)

Let’s get to it!

v2.50 Progress Update + List Builder

As some of you know, all of the army lists are currently manually created by me using MS Word, which means that I have to write all of them, plus calculate the point costs for each of the thousands of units and upgrades manually.

This is an absolute pain, and is one of the things that has slowed down development of the games over time. Every time I want to change a special rule, I have to go through the 100+ army books and manually find and edit each individual unit and upgrade that is affected.

Moving into the future, this is not sustainable, and so with the help of a few members of the community (you know who you are boys!), we have been working on a new system that will completely re-vamp how armies are created in the future.

This system will allow me, and anyone that is subscribed on Patreon, to easily create armies online, which have an automated calculator that immediately gives you the point values for everything. The armies are then saved and shared online, for everyone to enjoy.

On top of that, there will be a list builder, which allows you to prepare your lists to play the game, without having to write down and manually add unit costs up. This system will be similar to BattleScribe, so if you’re already familiar with that, you’ll feel right at home.

We believe that these two systems will completely revolutionize how army creation and list building work, making for a much smoother and seamless experience for everyone. Soon enough we’ll be able to share these tools with everyone, and then you can finally play the v2.50 beta in all of its glory!

In the meantime, check out the beta army lists by clicking here.

Update: The link above is dead, check out the new lists in Army Forge: https://opr-army-forge.vercel.app/

New Video Content

That’s it for this week, enjoy your weekend everyone. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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Community Survey, Arena Hiatus, v2.50 Explained

Community Survey, General Update, Video Content

Hi everyone,

This week we’ve got tons of stuff for you, with a new Community Survey for you, some updates on our Arena Games, as well as a long-form explanation for the v2.50 changes.

Let’s get to it!

Community Survey

Every 6 months we run a community survey to get a general feel for what sort of players are currently interested in OPR, and to give everyone an opportunity to send in their feedback/suggestions anonymously.

This is a super quick 3-question survey that only takes a few minutes to fill in, and we’ll be keeping it open for a week, with the results being revealed to the public in next week’s post.

Take the survey here: https://forms.gle/k1zGPsmdhR5RzvhG8

Arena Games Hiatus

This month we’ve released our last arena warband on Patreon, and we have some news.

With this warband, we have now completed the 3rd seasons of our arena games, and as previously discussed we have decided to take a break from the games indefinitely, instead of launching into 4th season in July.

It was really fun to work on these games for the past 9 months, but unfortunately they haven’t been able to really find an audience, and in their current format we don’t think that they fit into the OPR ecosystem like our other games.

Because of this 3rd season won’t be available for sale on WGV, and we’ll be removing seasons 1+2 from WGV as well, to make sure that people don’t buy into a game that they expect new seasons for. Don’t worry though, all of the rules and warbands will continue to be available on our website, so that you can still share the games with friends.

If you’re interested in continuing to develop new warbands for arena, we recommend supporting us on Patreon, where the warband creator will be available until the end of June.

We’re going to keep thinking about how we can re-work the arena games to turn them into something that can be enjoyed by a bigger part of our community, so fingers crossed that one day we’ll have more news for you arena fans. :)

Balance v2.50 Explained

Last week we revealed that we’ve been working on new versions of our army lists, which are meant to re-balance the game and improve the gameplay on multiple fronts (see here).

We’ve already received a lot of feedback from the community, which has been great, but there have also been a lot of players that are curious about the reasoning behind the various changes, and how they’re meant to improve the games.

In order to avoid making this update extremely long, we’ve created a PDF with a compilation of all the major changes and the reasoning behind them, which should hopefully give you a better idea of where we’re coming from.

Check it out here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GBXf_2PNmvORxUVl41OCC1CQU-UBzrpM/view?usp=sharing

Please note that all of these changes are not final yet, so you can expect the lists to be wildly different by the time that we are ready to fully release them to the public.

New Videos

That’s it for this week, don’t forget to fill out the survey and have a nice weekend. :)

Happy Wargaming!

– Gaetano

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OPR 7 Year Anniversary!

General Update

Hi everyone,

Today marks the 7 year anniversary since the OPR project was officially launched!

OPR started all the way back in April of 2014 from a simple question: could one condense all the wargaming goodness of a game like Warhammer 40k into a single page?

Well, you can see for yourself by checking out 1p40k, which you can download here.

The game quickly grew in popularity, and over the next 3 years we added a fantasy game called 1pFB, as well as two skirmish versions of the games called 1pKT and 1pFS. We were very lucky to be able to find some awesome artists online who decided to make some free cover art for us (but that decided to remain anonymous).

This was also a time of a lot of experimentation, with the release of other games such as Grimdark Racing, Deathball, Orion’s Gate and WarStuff. These games were such fan favorites, that they can still be found and downloaded in the One-Off Games Section.

By 2017 it was clear that the project was far too popular for it to remain some small hobby game forever, and so I decided to re-brand everything in order to launch a Patreon and start raising funds, which lead to the new names of Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, and their spin-offs GF: Firefight and AoF: Skirmish.

The idea was to gather support from fans to hire artists that could elevate the look of the rulebooks, and finally in 2019 after a long time of saving money (the Patreon was really small back then), I managed to get the amazing Brandon Gillam to make some gorgeous cover art and interior illustrations for all games.

This new look brought a ton of new eyes on the project, which boosted its popularity once more, so much so that the project caught the eyes of the awesome guys that TheMakersCult, who decided to make a 3D print version of the Battle Brother Captain from the Grimdark Future cover art for OPR.

In return I created an army list for their Feudal Guard miniatures for Grimdark Future, which further helped grow the project in popularity. This new influx of supporters and cash now meant that I had a lot more savings that I would be able to invest into something new, so at the beginning of 2020 supporters started getting new 2D models every month.

At the same time I also thought that it would be a cool thing to provide our supporters with new 3D models every month, so in early 2020 I hired TheMakersCult to make a full line of Battle Sisters models, as well as Kyoushuneko Miniatures to make a full line of Dwarves models for the OPR supporters.

These were the first models that were made for OPR, and it was a huge learning curve for me as someone that had no idea about 3D printing before it. Working with other Patreon creators to make models was really awesome, but after a while it became clear that they had to focus on their own projects, and if I wanted to keep providing more and more awesome miniatures to supporters, a new dedicated team would need to work on them.

This lead to a huge explosions in supporters again, and brings us to where we are now. What started as a single page of rules written on a lazy afternoon, has now turned into one of the biggest wargaming projects on Patreon, and all of it thanks to you. After 7 years I was finally able to quit my full-time job in order to focus on working on OPR, which is a dream come true, and I hope that I can make you all proud with all of the things I have planned for the next few years as I further expand the team and the reach of OPR.

Is this what success looks like?

I want to be very honest with you, there’s lots of things that I left out in the recounting above, and before someone starts thinking “oh, this seems easy, let me do it too”, I want to give a word of warning. There have been many times when I wanted to quit the project (in fact I took a 3-month hiatus in the summer of 2017), there were lots of things I couldn’t afford because I invested money into the project, there are many loved ones that resent the amount of time I poured into the project, there have been far too many sleepless nights, and there were a lot of other troubles that came from it.

Whilst I highly encourage everyone that has a passion to pursue it, I also don’t want to make it seem like it’s an easy road. Far too many people think that passion projects are an overnight success, and so I hope that my 7 year journey can serve both as a warning and an inspiration for any aspiring dreamers out there.

Thanks to everyone that believed in OPR, no matter at which point of the journey you joined me on. I hope that the games can bring you some joy, and that they can keep bringing you joy for a long time to come! :)

As a final treat for everyone, we’ve got a special 70% discount on MMF for the next 2 days. Just use the coupon code TAKEITALL on our MMF Store: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/onepagerules

Cheers to another 7 years!

– Gaetano